Men’s Herbs

Men’s Herbs

Field fillet and euphorbia Pallas

A special group of herbs are those that have the property of enhancing the secretion of male sex hormones or they themselves have a chemical similarity to androgens.

This group can include such plants as calamus marsh, Amur velvet, European spindle grass, borshchev cut, medicinal verbena, peppercorn, carnation field, gentian large-flowered, medicinal herd, lovage, parsley, curlyweed, wormwood, tarragon, celery odorous, woodruff odorous.

Many people suffering from violations of sexual function, helps out a plain-looking plant at first glance — a field field. Especially in cases when the body shows a deficiency of androgens.
The plant is non-poisonous, well combined with other herbs in the composition of fees. An interesting feature. The seeds of the plant, which are mainly used for impotence, are remarkably reminiscent of the prostate gland.
They have the form of two lobules, united in a circle with a convex center. The plant usually grows weed in the fields. As a means used in the treatment of adenoma, it is possible to recommend bark of aspen, kidney of black poplar, enema with decoction of blackcorn and bruise.

Example of treatment: field grass (grass) — 3 parts, bed
Tenacious (grass) — 2 parts, ambermortem creeper (flowers) — 2 parts, horsetail
Field (grass) — 1 part and calamus root (root) — 2 parts.
First, for 30 minutes in 300 ml of water in a water bath boil ayr. Add all the remaining herbs and stand for another 10-15 minutes. Defend, filter. Take 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals for 2 months.

Another representative of this group of herbs is the spurge of Pallas.
It is not for nothing that this plant was nicknamed the root man. Alcohol tinctures, used because of strong poisonousness drop by drop, increase the erection and sexual desire.

To prepare the tincture take 25 g of root and insist for 10 days in 0.5 liters of vodka.
After the expiration of the allotted period, the tincture acquires a yellow-brown color.
Drops have a sharp taste and after taking a burning sensation
On the back wall of the pharynx, like after pepper vodka. Such properties tincture is reported by anthraglycosides.
They are the cause of poisoning in case of an overdose.
Signs of poisoning: nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea.
To eliminate symptoms, it is recommended to drink plenty of milk and swallow ice slices.

Admission tincture of the muzhik-root is carried out by drop.
Schemes are different.
In some cases, it is recommended to take a tincture in a constant dose of 7-10
Drops 3 times a day. In other cases, the spurge is taken by the «roller coaster» scheme from 1 drop to 30 and down 3 times a day.
Sometimes, when you need to quickly achieve the effect, they begin to «slide» immediately with 15 drops.
In addition to androgen-like properties, the Pallas spurge has a pronounced immunomodulating activity, which makes it a tool used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary apparatus.
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