Mercedes GLA 2022.

Mercedes GLA 2022.

Mercedes GLA 2022.

Mercedes GLA 2022: crossover for every day and for outdoor activities.

The new version of the car Mercedes GLA 2022 in a mini-crossover layout is included in the list of branded cars of the initial price segment.

The restyling was carried out taking into account the many critical reviews and comments, so the novelty has every chance to regain the rating positions corresponding to the status.


The most expressive details and bright accents of body design designers took to the front, frontal perspective.

The photo harmoniously combines:

A set of longitudinal stepped hood profiles;
The radiator grille oval decorated with a large-size logo, side «wings» and a fine-meshed grid;
the brightly punctuated LED headlights and the complexly configured headlights.

Details of the sports design can be seen in the set of the lower tier of the front. There is a black glossy crosspiece of mesh tightened ventilation diffusers with integrated fog lights, as well as arched contour of the lower air intake, structurally combined with the protective panel.

The front fascia is complemented by elements of dynamic ribbed and wave reliefs.

From a lateral perspective, the new 2022 Mercedes GLA crossover body shows the fundamentals of an off-road layout classic with expressive elements of business style. In sight:

The sloping roof line complemented by compact rails;
the shadowy contrast of the chrome perimeter and black frosted side window pillars;
the elegant oval configuration of the rear-view mirrors;
the square contours of the wheel arches, equipped with protective plastic underlays.

Mercedes GLA 2022.

The longitudinal body reliefs and black 17-inch wheel disks decorated with a red rim, typical of the Mercedes-Benz GLA range.

The profile projection of the updated crossover is dominated by a combination of practicality and strict functionality. Nevertheless, semi-budget in fact, the novelty in terms of positive visual perception is not much inferior to the older branded models.

It is difficult to identify Mercedes GLA 2022 from the back because of typical for European and Asian analogues layout and design decisions. In the zone of attention:

The sharp edge of the arched spoiler visor and the oval configuration of the rear glazing;
the luggage compartment door decorated with transversal ribbed reliefs;
equipped with fog lights and two chrome exhausts; high plastic trim.

A small list of design features includes stylish graphics of the multifunctional parking lights and the presence of vertical exit diffusers on the rear fenders.

Mercedes GLA 2022.


First eyewitnesses of the new model were surprised by the quality of the interior finishing assortment. The front panel is designed in accordance with the main trends of modern automotive fashion.

There is a block design of the digital dashboard and the central console’s 8-inch media tablet supplemented with touch-sensitive command functions.

On the lower tier of the torpedo there is a set of round ventilation deflectors and a remote control with analog activators of complete options.

Part of the mechanical buttons are placed on the side wide spokes of the multifunction steering wheel.

On the upper plane adjacent to the torpedo tunnel consistently located cup holders, a setting block multimedia equipment and on-board air conditioner, a compact switch of driving modes transmission and constructively combined with a refrigerated chamber double-wing armrest.

Mercedes GLA 2022.

Pilot first-row seats are comfortable and competently profiled, but the service functionality leaves much to be desired.

The package doesn’t match the real value of the crossover with a nominal set of operational adjustments, side support, and heated and ventilated seats.

The rear sofa’s seating comfort has been significantly improved in the new body. If necessary, the loading volume of 435-liter trunk can be increased up to 1,430 liters by means of time-consuming transformation of the sofa back.

A recess for on-board tools is built into the floor of the compartment, but there is no spare wheel in the basic configuration.


At impressive body dimensions in the ratio 4410 x 1834 and 1611 mm crossover looks very compact and monolithic.

In advantages of novelty the strengthened front — or all-wheel drive platform, the combined scheme of Macpherson rack and multilever independent suspension are positively shown on earlier models.

Mercedes GLA 2022.

The new-generation crossover demonstrates a 2729 mm inter-axle base, a full disc brake circuit, a set of stabilizer safety systems and electronic assistants.

The test drive confirmed the comfort of overcoming problematic areas of the roadway, the effectiveness of the interior sound insulation, the coherence of the work of the component systems and mechanisms.

— Engine range consists of three «atmospheric» and two 1.3-2 liters diesel engines with output in the range 163-224 hp and peak power of 250 and 350 Nm.
— Traction characteristics of power units are successfully realized by automated transmission 7G-DCT or 8-band preselectiv 8G-DCT.

The car in the basic version exchanges the second «hundredth» in 9 seconds of start, confidently accelerates to a speed of over 200 km, consumes 6.2 liters of high-octane fuel on variable road conditions.

Prices and equipment

The model for the EU market will be available in five modifications, the initial cost in rubles from 3.1 to 3.4 million.

The price of similar developments of domestic assembly will be formatted at a lower level, approximately — 2.5 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

Judging by the numerous promotional activities, domestic automobile amateurs new Mercedes MLA 2022 model year will be available at the finish of the current or early next year, 2022.

The exact, officially confirmed release date in Russia for this hour is in the classified information department.


At the beginning of the list of real competitors are the leading three of the same type: Lexus NX, Audi Q3 and BMW X1.

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