Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022. Mitsubishi Outlander became «hot» Vision Ralliart and got two more new versions.

Presentation of special Outlanders will be held at the end of the week, along with a few more «pumped up» models, as well as the forerunner of the electric Key Car.

In December 2021, Mitsubishi revealed teasers of its two new models for Tokyo Motor Show to be held on January 14.

Now the brand announced full list and shared full-fledged brand pictures.

Mitsubishi will show seven models in total, and only two of them are declared as concepts. We shall start with them.

Perhaps, the most interesting premiere is a crossover Vision Ralliart made on the basis of hybrid Outlander PHEV of new generation: a prototype is called to demonstrate possibilities of the revived brand Ralliart.

Let’s remind, the sports division with the same name was based in 1984, at first it was under control only Mitsubishi racing program, but then it began to be involved in creation of road cars and accessories.

In 2010, the department was closed due to the difficult situation of the company.

Relaunch of Ralliart sub-brand took place last year: in Thailand it was presented slightly modified frame SUV Pajero Sport and pickup Triton (in RF the truck is called L200).

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

But those models almost do not differ from original all-terrain vehicles, the difference is only in a decor.

But they have worked more seriously on transformation of the Outlander into the Vision Ralliart.

Thus, the concept has a new grille with a curtain, it has more aggressive bumpers (the rear one has a developed diffuser), expansions of wheel arches, 22-inch wheels, «big brake discs» and six-piston opposition brake calipers.

The interior is not shown. There is no information about techniques too, thus the company has noted that Vision Ralliart unites Mitsubishi «engineering art» and idea of Monozukuri (that is «aspiration to technological perfection»).

No words about serial prospects are told yet, but, most likely, such cross is going to be on the conveyor.

The commercial hybrid Outlander is equipped with the «atmospheric» 2.4 (133 hp) and two electric motors (the capacity of the motor installed on the front axle makes 116 hp, on the rear — 136 hp).

Other important premiere of the brand for Japan is electric K-EV concept X Style.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

In general, Mitsubishi expected absolutely new «electric car» created together with Nissan, but in fact, before us is the «green» version of actual kei-car eK (more precisely, its «crossover» version with prefix X) that is produced since 2019.

However, the «baby» with an internal combustion engine is also made with Nissan, it has a Dayz twin.

The external differences from the gasoline version are the solid slats at the front instead of the mesh ones and the modernized front bumper.

The interior has not been revealed yet, Mitsubishi did not tell about stuffing. However, it is expected that the eK electric version will go into production.

Tuned crossovers Outlander PHEV and Eclipse Cross PHEV will also be shown in Tokyo.

Both will appear in the version Ralliart Style with accessories from a revived sub-brand, «chips» — made in black rims, exterior mirror housings and bumper inserts, plus red decor (including mudguards).

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

Outlander has one more «pumped up» version — Wild Adventure Style, it is created for fans of outdoor activities.

Features of this variant — protection of a back bumper, black wheels, a large spoiler on the fifth door, the coupling device for the trailer, a luggage rack on the roof and «tourist equipment».

The sixth new feature is the «off-road» Delica D:5 Tough x Tough minivan, again with Ralliart accessories.

This van also has round spotlights on the front and extra lights on top, plus bumper guards and off-road tires.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept 2022.

In addition, the shock absorbers and springs have been reworked, allowing the suspension to be raised.

Finally, an electric Minicab MiEV in B-Leisure Style version is coming to Tokyo.

It has a two-tone paint job, stickers, an awning, a camping table, a folding bed and the MiEV Power Box, to which you can connect equipment (for example, a kettle or a laptop).

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