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Acura TLX 2020.

Acura TLX 2020.

Acura TLX 2020. Acura TLX 2020 is the new limited edition sports sedan. In 2020, the Japanese brand Acura will introduce the world to the limited edition TLX sedan line, launched in 2017. In the best tradition, the car will be assembled by hand at a plant in Ohio, where Akura collects exclusively sports cars.

Opel Corsa 2020.

Opel Corsa 2020..

Opel Corsa 2020. The new Opel Corsa 2020 has become even faster and more dynamic. The presentation of the new generation will take place at the international motor show in Frankfurt in September 2019. However, many characteristics of the new items became known long before this event. Sales of the sixth generation will begin immediately […]

Skoda Rapid 2020.

Skoda Rapid 2020.

Skoda Rapid 2020. Skoda Rapid 2020. The latest news about the new Skoda Rapid 2020 bodywork should fuel a great interest in the development of the Czech automobile company, owned by the German concern Volkswagen. Moreover, now you can see what the restyled version will be, because its photos appeared on the network thanks to […]

2020 Skoda Octaiva.

Skoda Octaiva 2020

2020 Skoda Octaiva. 4th generation Czech bestseller. Skoda is preparing to update its main bestseller. Octavia, which for more than 20 years has been one of the best-selling models of the Czech brand, will soon be released in the 4th generation. What should we expect from the next generation of the car? Now we find […]

Opel Astra 2020.

Opel Astra 2020

Opel Astra 2020. Opel Astra 2020: a city car in a modern technical and design embodiment. Experts call the reason for the fall in demand for practical and functional Opel cars a morally obsolete body design and incomplete compliance with modern standards of technical equipment. The situation initiated accelerated restyling of the Astra series models, […]