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Honda CR-V 2020.

Honda CR-V 2020.

Honda CR-V 2020. Honda CR-V 2020 — restyling of the 5th generation SUV from Honda. In Europe and Russia, the past Honda CR-V crossover did not gain fame. But in North America, the Japanese came to taste. By the way, which is strange, for our consumer, a car is brought not from the eastern side, […]

Range Rover Adventum 2020.

Range Rover Adventum 2020..

Range Rover Adventum 2020. New Range Rover Adventum: who needs a 20 million cross-coupe. Who and why might need a compartment SUV? There are amateurs on everything who are ready to pay almost 20 million rubles, but for now a little history.

Lexus UX 300E.

Lexus UX 300E.

Lexus UX 300E. Electric crossover Lexus UX 300e with a power reserve of 400 km. Lexus UX 300e, as the name implies, was an adaptation of the SUV, which went on sale in March 2019. There was little information about the new product, but from the fact that it is possible to say that the […]

Jaguar F-Type 2020.

Jaguar F-Type 2020

Jaguar F-Type 2020. Jaguar F-Type 2020: a sports car with a powerful engine (price and specifications). The success of the 2018 F-Type could not help but make the British think about restyling. In 2020, the Jaguar will introduce the world to the new F-Type. As last time, two options will be offered — a coupe […]

Aurus Senat S600.

Aurus Senat S600

Aurus Senat S600. Aurus Senat S600: Executive sedan for $ 18 million. At the Moscow Motor Show 2018, the premiere of the executive sedan Aurus Senat S600 was held. A car was prepared for the exhibition with a body painted in an unusual maroon shade and upholstered beige leather interior. Outside, the new Aurus Senate […]