2019 Porsche Macan.

2019 Porsche Macan. Restyling model.

This generation of the German «tiger» was waiting for everyone with great impatience. All wondering what else its creators will be able to surprise the satiated fans of luxury crossovers.

Given that the basic version of the 2013-year and now can confidently show how to collect dates for many functionaries of the compact SUVs. After all, its design was already not just overtaking time. He set the tone in automotive fashion. From the course of which, it is still considered to be a mauve.

Now Porsche has moved to the stage of the final road tests of new items. Due to this, Macan renders have become much more informative and accessible.

Apparently, the family relationship with the updated older brothers Cayenne and Panamera will be even closer. And for the first time, the model debuts as a novelty of 2019 at the spring traditional showrooms.

2019 Porsche Macan.

Exterior and new in design

What was expected, the appearance of the model is only slightly exposed to cosmetics. Slightly correct the shape of the grille and bumpers. Will modernize lighting engineering.

Behind the rear window visor will get an LED strip. By the way, an interesting observation. The Macan will become much more similar in front to the legend of the brand — the Porsche 911. And less — to the Panamera. At least in the latest edition of both.

In addition, it is precisely planned to leave the classic dual exhaust tract. Also stylish aluminum branded wheels.

Regarding the design: no revolution has happened. That is right — time is not yet for her. Moreover, the classic platform from Audi Q5 is not just good. She is perfect for this model.

Yes, and why rush into the unknown depths of cultivation. The current generation of this crossover is selling very well. It would be wiser to first try it on something. Find out what does not have a strong effect on financial statements.

Updating equipment and interior design

The interior in its appearance has changed much more weighty than the exterior. And now there is not only flaunts a larger touchscreen multimedia. It is believed that it will be equal to 12.3 inches. But it also attracts the eye with a new design of the vents of the ventilation system. They shifted under the control buttons. Change the orientation from vertical to horizontal.

Here again, the eyes will run away from the abundance of keys around the shift knob. Also the knob of which will also acquire a slightly different appearance. By the way, unlike the flagship SUV and sedan brand, on sensory. Their version of this model is not going to switch.

In general, speaking about the general impression of the Macan post-styled salon, it is worth noting that it has become much less cluttered. Got much needed freedom. Although, according to critics, and could look much more modern. Considering how far in this plan Cayenne and Panamera have gone.

Although, the design office impression will soften a little, slightly expanding the already premium functionality of the camera with a 360-degree view. As well as integrated rear parking sensors.

In addition, promise to upgrade Connect Plus. Update many other sensors and modules. Including a three-zone climate. As well as a professional audio system. Previously, it was Bose on 14 speakers. And, of course, with the crossover will remain its elegant sports seats. They are regulated in eighteen positions by electronics.

Technical characteristics of the crossover

Porsche doesn’t want to disclose the details of the technical data of this update, but it would be logical to assume that, according to the good tradition of this brand, it has become common practice to unify and lead to a common denominator its entire range, the power units will be the same as in flagship Panamera and Cayenne.

That is, this will be the latest revision of the engine for 2.9 liters and 440 hp, and it is very likely that in addition to it, they will offer a hybrid version of the new electric motor from 4E-Hybrid and a gasoline unit of 3.6 liters.

By the way, following the course taken by VW to abandon heavy-fuel models, and Macan, most likely, from next year will cease to offer diesel units. Otherwise, you can expect from it the following:

the engine range will also be complemented by three-and 2.9-liter turbocharged versions and six cylinders;

seven-step mechanics / analogue with double clutch (not confirmed information, it is possible that they will put more modern versions from older models);

19-inch wheels;

multifunction steering wheel;

optionally available — increased to 21 inch wheels, perforated composite brakes made of ceramic, a system of intelligent torque distribution on the wheels, monitoring blind spots and road holding system.

Among the traditional competitors, of course, the names of loud and inspiring respect. This X3 from BMW, and a spectacular last updated GLC / GLK-class from Mercedes-Benz, and even Jaguar F-Pace, not to mention the less popular Range Rover Velar, for which even had to enter a three-door modification in the list of proposals.

For the favor of the public, Makan will have to stand his ground, and seriously. But, I want to believe that he will break through the finish ribbon, if not the first, then among the main favorites of the race — for sure.

And it will be really great even if it allows the designers from Stuttgart to calmly perekantovatsya to the full release of the second generation, continuing to stir up the interest of the public planned improvement of their offspring and providing a steady increase in customers in the amount of 6-7 %% annually.


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