Acura RDX 2021.

Acura RDX 2021.

Acura RDX 2021.

Acura RDX 2021: stylish and practical crossover with a touch of brutality.
Japanese premium brand «Akura» is famous for regularly updating models that are popular among car enthusiasts. As a result, completely different models of the company receive restyling — from sedans to crossovers.

The latter includes the 2021 Acura RDX, shown to the American public in late winter 2020.

The novelty has a refined appearance, well-cut spacious interior and impressive engine compartment characteristics, which should provide the car with the opportunity to compete with European, Japanese and even American classmates on equal terms.


Even from the first photo of the novelty, one can understand that the designers have got an ultra-modern car in a mixed Asian-European style.

Acura RDX 2021.

Here you can find many decorative elements, completely redesigned lighting equipment and interesting relief combinations.

The most interesting is the front end of the Acura RDX 2021. It is set at a medium height, has a short length, but seems rather wide due to the massive bonnet with a huge rounded depression right in the center.

Immediately in front of her are narrow, cunningly squinted headlights with high-quality LED filling. Between them is a pentagonal radiator grille with a wide chrome strip at the top and a stylish slim bezel painted the same color.

The bumper of the car turned out to be quite large and pleasing to the eye by a combination of smooth lines and sharp faceted transitions from the top to the bottom.

There is a small backup air intake, hexagonal rounded slots with chrome inlets and round foglights on the sides, as well as a small protective layer at the very bottom.

In profile, the new body looks very dynamic due to the smooth roofline that slopes slightly towards the rear and the window line in the form of a semicircle with a thin chrome edging.

Acura RDX 2021.

Below, attention is drawn to the combination of smoothly rolling and faceted reliefs, rounded mirrors on stylish legs, redesigned door handles, as well as convex wheel arches with large, interesting discs inside.

The stern of the new model seems very high due to a large visor covering the upper part of the rounded glass on both sides, as well as an interesting relief, into which a large stamping under the license plate and a wide chrome strip under the L-shaped horizontally oriented parking lights fit organically.

Even in the simplest configuration, the bumper will include parking sensors, a black plastic-trimmed lower part, which has room for two narrow vents along the edges, fog lights under them and a solid protective layer.


In the cabin of the new Acura RDX 2021 model year, everything looks solid and presentable. High-quality plastic and leather are successfully complemented by wood and aluminum inserts, the multimedia complex opens up access to new, previously unused functions on the car, and the seats will make you feel easy and pleasant even on a long journey.

Acura RDX 2021.

Control and management bodies

The center console of the novelty has changed quite a bit. In the middle of it, surrounded by vertically oriented large vents, is the head unit of the entertainment system.

Directly below it is another touchscreen display, through which most of the car’s functions can be controlled. Underneath all this is a combination of buttons and washers for adjusting the climate system.

The central tunnel contains, in addition to the technical unit, large cup holders, several organizers and a very comfortable armrest, which has another refrigerated compartment for small things.

The three-spoke steering wheel has a comfortable, high-quality leather rim and additional buttons that allow the driver to be less distracted from control. Immediately behind it is a slightly modernized instrument panel, on which arrow indicators are located around a small, but very informative on-board computer.

Acura RDX 2021.

Seats and luggage compartment

The crossover will still have five seats with good lateral support, solid leather trim, and medium soft filler. From the additional options will be available electrical settings for the front row, heating, as well as good lumbar support.

At the rear, heating is available as an option, but there are additional mandatory amenities: a comfortable armrest table can be made from the central seat, and the backrest can be slightly lowered or raised.

Unfortunately, the trunk of the car cannot be called large: a little more than 400 liters when all passengers are accommodated in the cabin and an increase in the named indicator twofold when the sofa is folded.


The heart of the 2021 Acura RDX will be a new 3.5-liter engine capable of showing 280 horsepower.

It will be paired with an automatic nine-speed transmission, which transfers engine forces to the front or to all wheels at once.

As the test drive showed, the car will be a little more economical, but at the same time it will be able to develop more than 200 kilometers per hour and perfectly cope with city traffic and the highway, as well as off-road.

Options and prices

The car will reach domestic latitudes in a single configuration. It will cost approximately 39,000 units of the American currency. The additional package will cost about $ 6,000.

Sales start in Russia

At home, the novelty should appear in car dealerships at the very end of 2020. And the release date in Russia has not yet been set, but if this happens, it will not be earlier than the middle of next, 2021.

Competing models

Although the car has a lot of competitors, the closest to it are BMW X1 and Jeep Compass. Also among the rivals for the buyer’s wallet are Subaru Tribeca, Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5.

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