Acura TLX 2020.

Acura TLX 2020.

Acura TLX 2020.

Acura TLX 2020 is the new limited edition sports sedan.
In 2020, the Japanese brand Acura will introduce the world to the limited edition TLX sedan line, launched in 2017. In the best tradition, the car will be assembled by hand at a plant in Ohio, where Akura collects exclusively sports cars.

It is known that within the framework of the release only 360 units will be produced, and a special plate will appear in the cabin, where the number of a particular car will be indicated. What is so interesting about this limited edition, we will understand below.

Acura TLX 2020.



Initially, it is worth noting that for the production of Acura TLX PMC Edition notably confused.
1. Firstly, in terms of technical aspects, the novelty will not differ in any way from the TLH of mass production.
2. Secondly, the difference will only be in manual assembly, interior cosmetics and body painting technology (more on this below)
3. Thirdly, due to the fact that the conveyor is configured for the production of NSX (brand sports car), it will have to be completely redone for the sake of 360 cars.

Actually, this is done for a reason. In the automotive industry, there is such a marketing move called the “Halo effect” when exclusive models like the NSX are tried to be associated with cars of a lower class.
What specific goals the company pursues is not clear, but for 360 lucky ones this is in any case great news.
And since there will be no differences in technology, we can recall what the serial Acura TLX of 2017 is.

Under the hood of the sedan is a non-alternative 3.5-liter gasoline aspirated with 6 cylinders in a V-shaped arrangement, equipped with a direct injection system. When it was created, engineers were inspired by the legendary millionaires, so the final product was no less simple in terms of design.

Acura TLX 2020.

As a result, the TLH engine produces 290 hp. while the torque is only 267 Hm. Transmission to all 4 wheels is carried out by means of a 9-band automatic. Up to a hundred, the sedan accelerates in 6.9 seconds, while devouring an average of 9.4 liters. Maximum speed — 220 km / h.

On the cart it is noteworthy that the four-wheel drive is represented by the proprietary SH-AWD (interaxle active differential for the rear axle, hydraulic actuator and traction control system). Also on board are ABS and EBD, electric power steering, directional stability and disc brakes in a circle with ventilation in the front.

When purchasing Acura TLX PMC Edition, the client additionally receives:
LED optics, dual-zone climate, new body kit,
multifunction steering wheel, adaptive cruise,
new acoustics and multimedia with two 7-inch screens,
rear view camera, parking sensors, leather interior with Alcantara,
new sports wheels shod in low-profile tires,
unique technology for painting the body in exclusive enamel.

Acura TLX 2020.


On the body, in addition to the new sports body kit, rear diffusers and new exhaust nozzles, no changes were made. Although this was enough to give the Acura TLX PMC Edition 2020 a fairly fresh look.
The new architecture of the front bumper and grille made it slightly similar to the American FireBird from the 70s.

As already mentioned, the Japanese were very confused with painting. It was here that the very Halo effect was realized. The point is that the enamel itself and the application technology are exactly the same as that of a branded sports car.
Painting takes place in 4 stages. First, the robot applies the first coat of enamel called Valencia Red Pearl. After complete drying, the painters take up the case and manually apply the second layer.

Then 2 more transparent layers with the addition of patented mixtures follow, giving the very famous gloss that can be observed on the NSX. The last coat dries in 5 days. All this time the car occupies a paint shop.

With the new body kit, the dimensions have not changed at all:
Length, mm — 4851
Width, mm — 1853

Height, mm — 1440
Wheelbase (mm) — 2775

Acura TLX 2020.


Salon Acura TLX PMC Edition architecture and decoration is duplicated with the standard TLX in the configuration Advance. The only change is the presence of a red line on the seats and door cards, due to which the interior is ideally combined with non-alternative body enamel.
Of the features of the cabin, it can be noted that there is a lot of plastic, but this is not the usual consumer goods, as in Solaris. In its manufacture, a silicone additive is added, which gives it unique properties, it is pleasant to the touch and looks more presentable.
Milano leather is also available, from which sports seats with pronounced lateral support are sewn. You can also pay attention to two multimedia screens. One is responsible for entertainment functions, the second acts as a complete navigation system.


In fact, sedans in this price category, which are assembled by hand and have such a high-quality body color on the market, are not really there.
Apparently, Acura are going to make their own branded chip out of it, because they plan to change to PMC and other models of the brand.

Price and sales start date

TLH will be assembled in Ohio in the town of Marysville. There is no exact date yet, nor is there any point in knowing it. The car is already sold out on pre-order and will be delivered immediately to addresses. The lucky ones were able to buy a car at 3.35 million rubles.

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