Aiways U6 2021.

Aiways U6 2021.

Aiways U6 2021.

Aiways U6 coupe-like SUV: production version ready.
Shanghai-based Aiways is the brainchild of former top executives from SAIC and Volvo China.

It was formed in 2017 with the money of private investors, and the chief engineer was invited by the German Roland Gumpert, who previously worked at Audi, and then developed his own supercar Gumpert Apollo. Already in 2018, a 4.7 m long Aiways U5 pre-production electric crossover was shown.

It was possible to start production only in the summer of 2020, and the demand is still very modest.

For example, 2,600 cars were sold in China in the second half of last year, and 550 units were sold in Europe.

The results of the first quarter of 2021 are 1,500 copies in China and 69 pieces in Europe. But a second model is on its way, foreshadowed by the U6 Ion concept last year.

The coupe-like crossover Aiways U6 is not just a «five» with a sloping roof. Technically, they are really the same, but the U6 has a different design and its own interior.

All lighting equipment is original here, a developed aerodynamic body kit is installed on the body (including «stabilizers» at the wheel arches), and the roof is completely glass — with an area of ​​2.1 square meters.

Aiways U6 2021.

Front panel concept revised. If the Aiways U5 has three mid-size screens, then the U6 has only two, and the instrument display here is quite modest — only for the most basic information.

And in the center is a large 14.6-inch tablet. The steering wheel is now two-spoke, it is no longer a rotating washer that is responsible for switching transmission modes, but a large «aviation» handle.

Finally, the touch buttons for the climate control are located on the central tunnel.

Aiways U6 2021.

The Aiways U6 is offered with front-wheel drive only, with a single electric motor producing 190 hp. and 315 Nm. Moreover, the company’s all-wheel drive vehicles are still considered promising.

Acceleration time to 100 km / h — 7.6 s. There is a choice of traction batteries with a capacity of 53 or 63 kWh, the passport mileage for the NEDC cycle is approximately 400 or 500 km, respectively.

Subsequently, a third option is expected with a range of 650 km.

Aiways U6 will be on sale before the end of the year. In terms of prices, you can focus on the U5 model, which in China costs from 26 thousand to 39 thousand dollars.

And Aiways also has the U7 Ion concept car, a large three-row crossover that should also be turned into a production car.

Aiways U6 2021.

Cross-coupe Aiways U6 amused with unusual solutions.

Chinese brand Aiways will enter the European market in August. Therefore, its second model, represented by the prototype Aiways U6 Ion, deserves no less attention than the first Aiways U5.

Both electric crossovers will be on sale in the Old World. They are united by the MAS (More Adaptable Structure) platform and, most likely, the power plant.

It is EU certified with a 140 kW (190 HP, 315 Nm) motor powered by a 63 kWh battery. The power reserve is 400 km in the WLTP cycle.

It is interesting to observe how stylists differentiate in all possible ways essentially identical electric cars.

The LED blocks in the headlights are positioned on top of each other, not side by side like on the U5. There are air intakes under the headlights that direct the flow to cool the brakes.

Aiways U6 2021.

For exterior designers, aerodynamic efficiency was paramount and achieved a «best-in-class» ratio of 0.27.

Slicked body shapes, a complex body kit with «shark fins» and wheels with a diameter of 21 inches with low rolling resistance helped.

A seven-inch digital tidy is suspended above the «rectangular» steering wheel. The diagonal of the center display is 14.6 inches.

The most unusual detail is the Grip Shift transmission selector, «inspired» by the levers on motor yachts. The door cards contain capsule umbrellas.

The authors of the concept cannot be denied inventiveness. The interior door handles have been replaced with racing hinges.

Artificial intelligence is present in the form of a robot head on top of the front panel, which performs voice commands and answers questions.

A flying drone with a camera and remote control is hidden in the box between the rear seats, and a hidden compartment for an electric scooter is provided in the trunk.

The future of the U6 model depends on the success of the «5th», which will enter the market in three trim levels (Technic, Standard, Premium) and will be sold directly (without dealers) through the European website of Aiways.

The price will not exceed 40,000 euros (three million rubles).

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