Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020..

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020: new powerful GTA sedan and sports version of GTAm at 540 hp
In honor of the 105th anniversary in 2015, Alfa Romeo dismissed the 159th model and revived the Giulia sedan.

In 2020, after 5 years, the company celebrates a new anniversary and rolls out updated charged versions of Julia with the GTA index and another more track variation that received the GTAm index.
In general, we will not beat around the bush and move on to the review.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020..


The presented charged sedans are the new incarnations of the sports generation model called Quadrifoglio, which was mainly prepared for the track and in 2016 set a lap record in the Nurburgring. Do not worry, the new items have received a certificate and can drive on public roads.

The rear-wheel drive Italian horse is equipped with the same six-cylinder V-engine as the Quadrifoglio, but could not do without improvements.
The motor increased power by 30 hp, and the final return has grown to 540 hp.

The transmission was also upgraded and the 8-band automatic (essentially a robot) received the original settings.
The final acceleration dynamics grew to 3.6 seconds (against 3.9 for Quadrifoglio), and the maximum speed was curbed by 307 km / h. But adding horses is far from the only reason for the updated results.

The main works concerned weight loss. So Alfa Romeo Giulia versions of GTA and GTAm weigh 1520 kg, against 1620 of the old car.

Alteration affected the mass of nodes:
— the driveshaft is made of carbon fiber (here the hood, roof, body kit and wheel arches);
— The exhaust system is made of a titanium alloy (straight-through with two pipes in the middle);
— The brakes received carbon-ceramic performance;
— The rear glazing is made of polycarbonate.

And this despite the fact that the rear track has expanded by 50 mm, and the body received a semi-safety cage. So according to the tests of the European agency Euro NCAP, the novelty scored 15.8 points out of 16 possible in terms of strength.

Regarding the trolley, in addition to facilitating the driveshaft, everything remained in place. The adaptive suspension includes cross struts in front and the proprietary AlfaLink multi-link design in the rear.

On board the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the all-wheel drive Q4, which is interesting in that in normal mode all traction falls on the rear axle, but as soon as the sensors record the loss of contact by the road, with the help of the handout and multi-plate clutch, 50% of the thrust is transferred to the front.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020..


All aerodynamic alterations have extremely affected the design of the body and interior space. Regarding the first, you can notice a completely new front and rear body kit, side skirts and a solid spoiler.

All made of carbon fiber with carbon inserts. Additional lining on the rear wings, which were the result of an increase in the wheelbase, also looks attractive.
The novelty, as noted, increased width (+50 mm) and changed a couple of millimeters in length, otherwise, GTA repeats the dimensions of the Quadrifoglio donor.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020..


There are several noteworthy points around the cabin. In particular, there is no back sofa. Instead, as mentioned, a semi-frame is installed.
Separately, it is worth mentioning two seats in the form of buckets, which also received a carbon frame and include the implementation of a six-point system of seat belts.

The decoration itself is represented by expensive types of materials. At the presentation, it was possible to notice that the interior is completely lined with Alcantana, and in Alfa Romeo GTAm also includes in some places carbon lining. Interestingly, there is only an analog dashboard, modest inches of multimedia touchscreen, but there are cup holders.

A three-spoke steering wheel from the category of thoroughbred racing cars is striking. Expensive leather, extensions for a reliable grip, an expensive logo and ergonomic buttons add a couple more points to the interior.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2020..

Price and sales start date

2020 was a year full of small-scale models. These exhibits will also replenish this list. A total of 500 units will be issued.

Pre-order has already begun and is not yet closed. So, if someone was lying around 8.4 million rubles, then you can still manage to become the owner of this sports car.
Regarding the exact dates when buyers will be able to pick up their cars, there is no information. For that we managed to attract additional offers.

In particular, Alfa Romeo, complete with a car, will give customers two racing suits with helmets and a one-day subscription to their own Accademia di Guid track

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