Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

Emilia Auto has shown a restomod based on the Alfa Romeo GT: original appearance and very high price.

At the end of last year, Emilia Auto said that it wanted to create a restomod based on Alfa Romeo GT.

Now the work is finished and the developers are showing their project. Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022 can already be pre-ordered.

The model is based on the car of the same name from the 1970s, but it got a modern transmission from Guilia.

The pictures show that the restomod has some changes in design, which distinguish it from the original model.

The car received a V6 engine, which develops 540 horsepower.

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

Because of this, the overall length was increased by 4 centimeters so that it was possible to add additional cooling.

There are more massive air intakes in the front to increase air flow as well.

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

There are larger holes in the discs — this too will have a positive effect on cooling the braking system.

Of course, overall the GT Restomod looks very similar to the original model from the past

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

The hood has the original shapes. If you look into the interior, there is much less resemblance to the old model.

There is an 8.8-inch screen for the infotainment system and air conditioning.

There are also new LED headlights. As an option a rear view camera is available.

Alfa Romeo GT Restomod 2022.

This restomod costs 400,000 euros (25,964,000 rubles). For such a price you can configure the car to suit you.

You can change the color of the discs, the ceiling in the cabin and mats. There is a choice of different materials for the dashboard, a variety of brake calipers in many colors and modern audio systems.

The company says their restomod will have even more features in the future that will definitely improve it.


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