Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

The new Alfa Romeo GTS 2025 was first shown long before its debut. It has become similar to the BMW.

Renders of the new Alfa Romeo GTS 2025 have been spotted on the internet. The car has a very unusual design.

Foreign media dubbed this elegant sports car «a muscular Italian rival of BMW M2».

Foreign media called this model a direct competitor to the Bavarian BMW M2.

Italian designer Guilherme Araujo has shown his idea of what should look like a new Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

The renderer shows rather futuristic appearance. Nevertheless, even now car enthusiasts can see in what style the competitor of the German BMW M2 will be made.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

On the rendering we can see quite an interesting combination of modern car design with retro style.

The car has an appearance not much similar to other models of the brand. Nevertheless, there are characteristic features that make it clear that this is still a car from Alfa Romeo.

Therefore, if the GTS 2025 got exactly this design, it would please both longtime fans of the brand and fans of something new.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

In front, you can notice the large round headlights with daytime running lights, going along the edge of their body.

The photo shows an imitation grille with the brand’s shield-shaped pattern and the Alfa Romeo logo in the center.

All this is placed in a rectangle with a black background. From below there is a rather large bumper, but it does not merge with the general design of the body, but rather is its addition, as well as the gray plates on the sills.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

From the side the car looks very long. The top and bottom parts are separated by a straight waist line with a metal insert.

To emphasize this effect, the designer painted the roof in a separate color. Instead of the usual side rear view mirrors, modern cameras are used.

Alfa Romeo GTS 2025.

The stern shows the same rectangle as in the front, but instead of round headlights there are oblong narrow lights, between which there is a compartment for the license plate. A little lower is one small stop light.

The designer did not comment which power unit he would put in this car.

However, the company’s 2.9-liter V-turbo six is considered the best option for such a coupe.

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