Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020: premium crossover with a hybrid drive.
In the wake of the commercial success of the Stelvio premium crossover, Italians are promoting a new off-road model, the Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020, to the world market. The new model range presented as a concept will delight future owners with modern body and interior design, low-cost characteristics of the hybrid drive.

In the second generation, the new crossover model demonstrates recognizable elements of a classic corporate style in combination with the original designs of leading world designers. Restyling also made a number of updates to the layout of the external decor.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020


In the photo in the front projection, the Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020 looks sporty and dynamic. The proper effect is created by:

sports tilt of the windshield and longitudinal profiles of the hood;
evil squint of narrow blocks of multi-element head optics;
wedge-shaped configuration of the front with a massive silver frame of a triangular radiator cladding.

The presence of a powerful engine is indirectly indicated by the large format of the integrated air intake integrated into the body kit; the style features correspond to the vertical layout of the side diffusers. The exterior decor of the front end is represented by a small amount of chrome trim and elements of the ribbed body relief.

The side view allows you to appreciate the excellent aerodynamics of the body as a whole, the narrow silver frame and the contrasting black pillars of the side windows, the features of the company body relief, the effectiveness of the full plastic protection of the lower body perimeter.

Attention is drawn to the exclusive design of 21-inch wheels, off-road status, high ground clearance and geometrically flawless cutouts of spacious wheel arches.

Containing elements of a sports-aggressive style, the layout of the back of the body makes the car belong to the category of compact premium crossovers. In stock:

a spoiler visor located above the semi-oval window;
the embossed tailgate, supplemented by internal sections of the marker lights and corporate symbols;
curly tailpipes integrated into the massive metal-plastic body kit.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020


The premium status of the novelty implies an appropriate level of interior design and technical equipment. The interior will be offered several options for fabric and leather finishes, extended functionality of regular and additional service options.
The high level of automation for controlling the crossover made it possible to compact the equipment of the front panel. In sight:

virtual display simulating the appearance of an analog instrument panel;
performing all the functions of the center console widescreen touch monitor.

A small part of the activation buttons of often demanded on-board options is placed on the construction details of the multifunction sports steering wheel.

The functionality of the central tunnel has not been fully disclosed; the presence of transmission control elements, an expanded list of modern organizers, and a mini-refrigerator located under the wide and comfortable armrest is assumed.
Front seat service will offer an expanded selection of working adjustments for seats and head restraints, full lateral support, ventilation and seat heating. The top-end configuration is promised a multi-mode vibration massage.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020...

Given the compact dimensions of the car, one should not expect a large amount of luggage. The new body will help solve the problem of transportation of bulky goods due to partial or complete transformation of the rear two-seater sofa.
According to available information, the full-time electronics kit will be supplemented with several useful options specific to equipping higher-class cars.

Expected Availability:

climate control and navigation systems;
monitoring of a traffic situation with an emergency stop function;
video surveillance cameras;
parking sensors and security circuits with increased efficiency.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020..


There are no data on the size of the new model lineup. By analogy with the predecessor Stelvio, it can be assumed that the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020 model year will retain the original dimensions of 4680×2160 and 1650 mm with minimal changes.
Due to the design features of the hybrid drive, it is possible to adjust the length (2820 mm) of the axle base.

The assets of the branded all-wheel drive platform from Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade:

transverse layout of the internal combustion engine;
comfortable multi-link suspension of the chassis;
uniform weight distribution over bridges;
extended functional properties of the side stabilizer and active road safety systems.

In the new edition, Alfa Romeo Tonale 2020 will receive a fairly powerful hybrid tandem of a gasoline engine and a driving electric motor, similar to the concept of the Subaru Viziv Adrenaline model.

The test drive confirmed the developers declared operational characteristics. In the new version of the crossover, the designers promise a short launch time interval, decent high-speed and off-road characteristics.

A pleasant surprise will be the function of recharging the on-board batteries from the network and increasing their capacity, sufficient to run on an electric drive up to 50–55 kilometers.

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