Alveri Falco 2023.

Alveri Falco 2023.

Alveri Falco 2023.

Alveri Falco: an electric hustler from Austria will go into production in 2023.

The Austrian electric car startup Alveri wants to produce a spectacular coupe-shaped station wagon (aka shoeting break) on someone else’s platform and at someone else’s plant, so it won’t take long to develop it.

Estimated range on a single charge — 590 km, price — 49,900 euros.

The company Alveri GmbH was founded in 2019 by brothers Ehsan and Jacob Zadmard, natives of Afghanistan, who came to Austria at a young age and completely assimilated here.

Alveri now sells other people’s electric cars and develops charging infrastructure for them.

Together with the Technical University of Graz (a city in Austria), the company has developed the mobile charging robot CHARbO, which can charge electric cars parked in the parking lot without access to fixed terminals — production of these robots will start next year.

The next step is its own electric car, announced this fall in the form of the Falco concept (the production version may have another name).

The Falco is a mid-sized 4.75-meter-long all-wheel-drive shunt car, that is, a Tesla Model 3-class electric car.

The power of the power plant is 300 kW (408 hp), acceleration up to a «hundred» should take 4.8 seconds.

A full charge of the 80 kWh battery should be enough for 590 km of driving on the WLTP cycle.

Alveri Falco 2023.

Technical specifications are still approximate, as Alveri does not plan to develop an electric car completely independently, but wants to use one of the available platforms in the market: for example, from the aforementioned Tesla Model 3, the Volkswagen MEB platform or the platform of the American startup Sapoo, which intends to start producing their «electric cars» next year at the Dutch company VDL Nedcar.

Alveri Falco 2023.

Alveri also wants its cars to be produced by some European plant.

It is logical to assume that the ideal partner for the startup could be the company Magna, which has its own electric vehicle platform (it will go in particular crossover Fisker Ocean) and its own plant in Graz.

Despite the fact that the names of key partners have not yet been announced, Alveri has already announced that it wants to make the first prototype of its electric car by the end of next year, and its production should start by the end of 2023.

Alveri Falco 2023.

Electric cars Alveri plans to make suitable for continuous modernization (both at the level of «iron» and at the level of «software»), so they never become obsolete — the same concept, by the way, adheres to the Swiss startup Piech Automotive.

Therefore, the main model of distribution — it is a subscription for about 500 euros per month, that is, the cars will be in the ownership of the company and every four to five years to undergo a complete upgrade.

Alveri Falco 2023.

But there will also be retail sales starting at 49,900 euros.

The competition in the electric car market is getting tougher and startups have fewer and fewer chances to break into the market, but the Zadmard brothers are counting on their strength and ability to adapt quickly to difficult conditions, so maybe they will succeed.

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