Apple Car 2024.

Apple Car 2024 .

Apple Car 2024.

The production of the robotic Apple Car will start in 2024.
Information portal Reuters, citing its own (unnamed) source, writes that Apple is still hatching the idea of ​​creating an unmanned passenger car and plans to start production in the next couple of years.

The source of the publication said that the robotic Apple Car will have an intelligent system powered by a special chip, which is currently being developed.

In addition, Apple’s robocar will receive a special rechargeable battery with «impressive» capacity and «defiantly low» cost.

Recall that rumors that Apple wants to enter the electric car market have been circulating for a long time and this news only fueled them. It is noteworthy that the first preconditions for Apple to acquire its own electric car appeared more than five years ago with the Titan project.

However, it soon became clear that the company had returned to its segment and started developing software.

Another surge of rumors occurred in 2018, when Doug Field returned from Tesla to Apple in order to re-head Titan, but last year almost two hundred employees were fired from the project.

After that, there was a lull again, but, less than a couple of years later, the media started talking again that Apple still cherishes the hope of releasing its electric robotic car.

By the way, a Reuters source noted that this event would have already happened if it were not for the pandemic, due to which the «apple» giant had to postpone the date until 2024-25.

Of course, Apple refused to officially comment on the news that came out in Reuters and this is not surprising.

Nevertheless, the source claims that Apple Car development is being carried out and is being carried out by some third-party companies that are partners of the Cupertinians.

Apple Car 2024 .

Apple Car is a new electric vehicle with a huge range and stunning design.

Rumors that Apple is building its own electric car have been circulating around the global network for more than five years now, and they have found many confirmation.

Nevertheless, the leadership of the «apple» corporation ignores any questions on this topic, trying to avoid it and ignore it in every possible way.

Meanwhile, the brand is in full swing testing an unmanned vehicle control system, and this once again proves that the company is going to conquer this market.

On December 21, 2020, details appeared on the network about such a long-awaited product by many people, like Apple Car.

This is the name of the electric car with the «apple» symbolism, and its release will happen in the near future.

Apple Car 2024 .

As early as the third quarter of 2021, Apple will unveil and start selling its first electric car, which will be delivered to first customers next year, according to Taiwanese supply chain sources.

Indicates this increase in the number of orders for components and other components for the future novelty, that is, the «apple» corporation is preparing for its mass production in hundreds of thousands of copies, hoping that its electric car will be able to gain widespread fame and popularity around the globe.

It is noted that this electric car is at least two years ahead of the market, having not only stunning design, but also a huge power reserve.

Moreover, as specified, Apple has created a unique unmanned system that will be implemented in the Car by default.

Apple Car 2024 .

With its help, it will be possible to move from one place to another without any help from the driver, and the electric car will be able to independently search for a parking space anywhere.

The source assures that Apple is now testing its drones with might and main on the roads of California, where it was allowed to engage in such activities.

Work in this direction has been going on since 2017, and it can be fully used in a branded electric car, which will turn out to be incredibly fast, functional and convenient for constant everyday use.

Apple’s new electric vehicle is equipped with dozens of LiDAR sensors that build a 3D model of the space around it to understand what is happening on each side.

Apple Car 2024 .

The vehicle constantly receives information from many different sensors, which allows it to fully control everything that happens on the road, instantly reacting to certain situations.

If everything really goes according to plan, then a brand new Apple Car will be announced in the middle of next year, and by the end of the year, the first customers will get their hands on it.

It is impossible not to notice that earlier the «apple» corporation has never produced any vehicles, so this will be its first experience in this matter.

Recently it was reported that Apple released macOS Big Sur 11.1, iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2, bringing support for ProRAW and other innovations.

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