Apple Car 2025.

Apple Car 2025.

Apple Car 2025.

Apple Car — Apple’s Dream Car. Apple’s electric car: renders based on patent applications.

Another attempt to render the future Apple electric car has been published on the web.

Its official design is, of course, top secret, but Apple has to draw up a lot of patents for its miracle car, and they contain descriptions of individual elements of the electric car.

Summarizing these descriptions, we can get a pretty coherent, albeit approximate idea of the «Apple-car,» which, apparently, will be made in the format of a coupe-shaped crossover.

Apple has never made any official statements about its intentions to get into the car business.

But in modern world with its «digital transparency» it is impossible to keep such large-scale project in secret — too many people are involved in it.

And not only in Apple itself, but also on the side of potential suppliers and contractors — they, as a rule, are the sources of information leaks.

Apple made its first attempt to develop its own electric car between 2014 and 2016, with the intention of starting production in 2020.

But this project, which received the unofficial name Titan, stalled — the development team was disbanded, leaving only those who were engaged in the autonomous driving system.

Apple Car 2025.

Rumors of a second attempt appeared in December last year and by January 2021 became very clear, as Apple entered into negotiations with major car companies about a possible partnership.

Korean Hyundai Motor Group was named as the most probable Apple’s ally; negotiations between the parties went quite far and there were discussed specific volume (up to 400 thousand units per year) of Apple electric cars production at Kia plant in West Point, Georgia.

But in the end, the deal fell apart, and in the end, at the initiative of the Korean side — Hyundai bosses eventually considered Apple as a competitor rather than an ally.

Negotiations between Apple and Nissan and Toyota also went nowhere and eventually the company returned to the format of fully independent development, for which it lured the CEO of electric car startup Canoo Ulrich Kranz, who previously worked for 30 years at BMW and led the development of i3 and i8 models.

Apple Car 2025.

According to rumors, a production electric car Apple will not see the light before 2024, more likely — in 2025-2026.

With such a time lag, we can assume that the final design of the «Apple car» has not yet been approved, but, of course, at the level of technical specifications Apple electric car already exists, and patent certificates describe its individual elements.

They were put together by the British leasing company Vanarama, which is actively pedaling the theme of electric cars, and presented its vision of the Apple car — with a right-hand steering wheel, as it should be for the islanders.

In the British view, the Apple electric car will be a coupe-shaped crossover without central body pillars and with rear doors that open against the main course of the car.

The large glazing area will provide excellent visibility in all directions.

Apple Car 2025.

The body color is matte white, like the fourth-generation iPhones. The turf handles are in the style of iPhone buttons. The radiator grille has the same pattern as the ventilation grille on Mac Pro workstations.

In the cabin, we see a large seamless touch panel across the entire width of the cabin (analog of Mercedes «board» MBUX Hyperscreen) and four individual bucket-shaped seats with an articulated mount, allowing them to rotate at any angle and take the seats in a semi-reclining posture.

It is assumed that the «Apple-car» will be equipped with full autopilot, that is, the driver will not have to follow the road and can sleep on the road or devote time to communicate with loved ones.

Apple Car 2025.

Curiously, the visualization of Vanarama almost does not contradict the spy shots of the early prototype of the Apple electric car, which were published by the Chinese media in 2016 — the car in the livery of the cab also looks like a coupe-shaped crossover with a large area of glazing.

Well, what the Apple car will actually be, we will find out in the near future, and that is on the assumption that Apple at some point will not decide to quit the automobile business again.

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