Ariel Hipercar 2023.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

Ariel is preparing a 1,200-horsepower hypercar with acceleration to a hundred in two seconds.

The British firm Ariel has presented an electric hypercar Hipercar.

It is still in the status of a concept, but works on a serial version of the two-door are already in progress.

In terms of exterior design the prototype reminds «Batmobile». This resemblance is due to the bristling body kit elements with protruding fins on all four wings.

Developers report that all these components are not just for beauty’s sake. Each of them performs a certain function, providing the car with impressive aerodynamics.

Note that the exterior panels of the prototype are made using a 3D printer. They are heavy enough, so the car weighs solid 1,760 kg.

However, for the serial two-door, a full carbon fiber body and the same wheels are promised, due to which its weight will be kept within one and a half tons.

Thus the appearance of the car will remain approximately the same. It is known that Ariel Hipercar is built on the basis of an aluminum monocoque.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

The hypercar has double wishbone suspension and stabilizers on both axles.

The chassis design also uses adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers.

The power plant is developed together with Delta and Equipmake.

It includes several electric motors with individual planetary reduction gears, as well as 800-volt battery with a complex multi-circuit cooling system.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

So far, the Brits have announced two versions of the model, a two-engine and a four-engine.

The first one generates 598 hp and 898 Nm, while the second one generates 1,196 hp and 1,820 Nm of torque.

This «stuff» supposedly allows two-door «shoot» from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 2.09 seconds, and the mark of 100 mph on the speedometer conquers it 4.42 seconds after launch.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

A full battery charge should be enough for the electric hypercar for about 240 km. For a surcharge, the car can be ordered with a 48-horsepower gas-turbine «travel extender».

The latter produces 35 kilowatts and is solely responsible for powering the traction battery, allowing you to increase the range, but how much more — is not specified.

It is reported that for braking at the Hypercar are responsible mechanisms AP Racing with six- and four-piston calipers in the front and rear. Plus a tunable traction control is declared for the model.

Ariel Hipercar 2023.

Despite the brutal appearance and impressive characteristics, the developers plan to certify the hypercar for public roads.

The company has already opened order intake, but shipment of cars to customers will begin in a year and a half or two years. As for the price, there’s no official data on this.

By rumors, the two-door costs in the range of a million pounds (70.2 million rubles at current exchange rates).

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