Aston Martin DBX 2020.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

The Aston Martin DBX crossover found 30 buyers in Russia even before the premiere Moscow was the first European city where the private display of the Aston Martin DBX crossover took place.

In the capital of Russia, the off-road vehicle could be seen only by potential clients and journalists, while photographing the car was prohibited. The official presentation of the model will take place on November 20 in Beijing.

However, the automaker has already announced some information about the DBX, according to which the SUV has recessed door handles and frameless doors.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

The designers of the brand hid seals under the edge of the doors, which makes the joint between the door panel and glass look «clean». Plus, the car received glass trims on the pillars of the body, making the side glazing area seem uniform.

The five-seater interior of the crossover will boast sporty front seats with integrated head restraints and legroom for rear passengers.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

The standard equipment of the Aston Martin DBH includes three-zone climate control, heated all seats, luxury leather trim and a panoramic roof. The latter, however, does not have a sliding section.

Automatic transmission control is entrusted to the push-button unit, and the multimedia system is borrowed from Mercedes. The new 2020 Aston Martin DBX is built on its own platform, which is partially unified with the DB11 and DBS sports cars.

A distinctive feature of the chassis is the engine shifted to the wheelbase, therefore the off-road vehicle reaching almost five meters in length has an impressive wheelbase of more than three meters.

Powered by AMG’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, familiar from the DB11 and Vantage.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

In addition, many «charged» Mercedes are equipped with it. In the British crossover, this engine develops 550 hp. and 700 Nm of torque, and it works in conjunction with a nine-speed automatic.

All this allows the car to reach speeds of up to 280 km / h, the acceleration time from zero to hundreds is not specified.

Aston Martin DBH 2020 became the first all-wheel drive car in the history of the British brand. It is equipped with a transfer case with a front axle coupling, which were «borrowed» from the Mercedes GLE II.

It is reported that the main technical filling will be supplied for the model from the Daimler factories, but the drive shafts and cross-axle differentials are of their own design, and the rear differential has an electronically controlled lock.

Among other technical features, it is worth noting the adjustable suspension, which allows you to change the ground clearance within 50 mm. In the future, the range of power units available for the sports crossover will be expanded.

Aston Martin DBX 2020.

For example, buyers will definitely be offered a hybrid version, plus the SUV can be equipped with a V12 engine with two turbines, which is equipped with the above-mentioned DB11 and DBS.

The car will enter the assembly line of the new plant of the British brand in the Welsh city of Sant’Athan, from which 5,000 crossovers will be produced annually at the first stage of production.

In the future, this figure is planned to be increased to 15 thousand. The main sales markets are the Middle East, China and the USA. Note that during the private show in Moscow, the company received 30 pre-orders for the car.

Deliveries of the first cars will begin in the summer of two thousand and twentieth, the declared price of the model in Europe is at least 193,500 euros (~ 13.6 million rubles). This is slightly more expensive than the Bentley Bentayga V8, which is asked for from € 179,000, but cheaper than the Lamborghini Urus — at least € 204,000.

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