Aston Martin DBX 2021.

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

Aston Martin DBX 2021: the first branded SUV.
The British company Aston Martin has implemented an ambitious sports crossover Aston Martin DBX 2021.

According to the opinion of authoritative experts, the new model of a powerful and comfortable Premium class car will seriously compete with elite American and European counterparts.

The body design of the novelty is developed on the basis of the classic corporate style and several original layout solutions.

The high rating status of the crossover determines the cabin comfort, maximum for its price category, dynamic starting, high-speed and operational characteristics of the power unit.


The first premium SUV in the company’s model range looks stylish and prestigious in the photo from different angles, but it is confidently and without errors identified by the expressive design of the front side of the body. In the spotlight:

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

• wide black perimeter and dynamic angle of inclination of panoramic windshield;

• sporty wave reliefs supplemented by slotted air intakes of the hood;

• drop-shaped blocks of matrix head optics located on the same level with the corporate logo.

The middle part of the front end is occupied by a large-format cross-lamellar radiator cladding and vertical ventilation diffusers supplemented with LED perimeters of the DRL.

The composition is completed by an air intake mesh and a small-sized plastic body kit.

In a profile projection, the new body shows decorative roof rails with a sloped roof extended by a spoiler, a contrast of the upper silver semi-perimeter, matte black pillars of the side windows and an angular configuration of mirrors.

In the structural features of the body:

• door handles completely recessed into the body;

• diagonal arrangement of the outlet diffuser;

• Aggressive stepped profile visually connecting the high wheel arches.

There is also a plastic door sill protection and original corporate design of one-piece off-road wheels.

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

The traditional crossover style prevails in the design and configuration of the stern. Attention is drawn to the large slope of the sunken rear window, the aerodynamic overhang, the LED lintel for the compact lights and the deep cross-section of the compact tailgate.

The block configuration of the plastic-metal aft body kit includes a set of fog lights, a license plate area and a pair of large-caliber exhaust tips. With full-size external dimensions, the Aston Martin DBX 2021 looks compact, stylish and very prestigious.


Depending on the modification of the crossover, the interior of the spacious interior is trimmed with a special woolen fabric or perforated leather.

The top section of the multifunction steering wheel, free from structural elements, offers an excellent view of the digital instrument cluster.

• The center console includes a large-format media command display and a control panel for activating numerous functional and «comfort» options.

• Another touch panel is located at the front of the compact tunnel.

• The layout of the tunnel is completed with an extended set of organizers and a spacious volume of the freezer located under the two-fold armrest.

• The premium status of the crossover SUV is confirmed by the seat service. Already in the basic version, the front seats will receive several additional adjustments, ventilation, heating and multi-mode vibration massage functions.

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

According to the experts’ opinion, the composition and functionality of the onboard electronic equipment complies with the current European standards.

Three riders of the most comfortable back sofa are given the opportunity to adjust the individual microclimate, tilt the backrest and convert the middle seat into a wide armrest with built-in cup holders.

The nominal boot volume is 632 liters. Due to the laying of the sofa backrest, the indicator almost doubles.


The body with external dimensions of 5,039 x 1,998 and 1,680 mm rests on an all-wheel drive platform with an independent pneumatic chamber suspension, an automatic drive axle clutch and an electronic differential lock circuit.

Aston Martin DBX 2021.

• The chassis with a base of 3,060 mm and a ground clearance adjustable in the range of 140-235 mm is equipped with active lateral stabilizers and disc brakes of different diameters, as well as electronic assistants and active road safety systems.

• A four-liter uncontested 8-cylinder petrol internal combustion engine with an output of 550 hp / 700 Nm of peak thrust, working in a productive tandem with a 9-band automatic transmission, was proposed as a power drive.

A multidisciplinary test drive showed a dialing time of the first hundred 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed of up to 300 km / h. Fuel consumption in mixed driving mode is fixed at 14.3 liters.

Options and prices

Initially, the new 2021 Aston Martin DBX is announced as standard with several options onboard equipment.

The starting price of the base model starts at 14.5 million rubles.

Competing models

Judging by the cost and rating, the new version of the premium crossover has few real rivals.

In addition to the more famous Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga, the 2021 Aston Martin DBX crossover will compete with the Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Levante, as well as the latest modifications of the Jaguar XKR coupe and BMW M6.

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