Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022. There is a car that, thanks to its power and level of handling, deserves to be called «the strongest on earth».

We are talking in this case about the new Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

The manufacturer has consistently produced 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder versions, of which the DBX 707 is the most powerful.

The number 707 symbolizes that it can produce a maximum output of 707 hp.

The DBX 707 has a very strong heart. It has the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine as the regular V8 version.

But after reconfiguration by engineers, this unit can deliver more power, namely 707 hp (520 kW).

The peak torque is also increased to 900 N*m. Acceleration time to a «hundred» is 3.3 seconds, and the maximum speed has reached 310 km/h.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

Although it is a crossover, the feeling of acceleration at the start is at the level of a sports car.

With this level of power, compared to the Audi RS Q8 or Lamborghini Urus, we can say that the DBX 707 is unmatched.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

The transmission is represented by a 9-speed wet multi-disc clutch.

It is usually used only on supercars and GT models. Therefore, this is the first crossover in the high-performance segment equipped with a wet multi-disc clutch.

Its presence can improve power transmission efficiency and increase gearshift speed.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

And the torque range has increased by 29% to 2600-4500 rpm.

Such crazy data was also the reason for the DBX 707 to call itself «the strongest on earth.»

In appearance, compared to the regular V8 version, the DBX 707 adds many elements that can improve performance.

Aston Martin DBX 707 2022.

A carbon fiber spoiler and raised rear wing on the headlights not only contribute to aerodynamic performance, but also create a three-dimensional visual effect.

The four exhaust tailpipes match the DBX 707’s identity as «the most powerful cross-car» and combine with a strong sound to give it a royal aura.

British luxury can clearly be felt in the cabin. The car uses a great deal of semi-aniline leather, which is softer and gentler than Nappa.

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