Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022. British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has unveiled its new crossover-type vehicle called DBX StraghtSix.

The planned debut of this luxury parket car took place according to the planned event and now the unusual-looking crossover will appear on the Chinese car market, for which it was created.

To meet the domestic requirements of China regarding the availability of the car in terms of taxes for consumers, engineers had to replace the usual for such models DB8 engine for a six-cylinder unit from Mercedes-Benz.

The German automaker shared with the British its unit, which is usually put on models of the Mercedes-AMG 53 series.

The DBX StraghtSix crossover is all-wheel drive, and it also uses a borrowed from the German concern 9-speed automatic transmission as the transmission.

The speed parameters of the new model are as follows: DBX StraghtSix has a maximum speed limit of 259 kilometers per hour, with only 5.4 seconds to reach the 100 mark on the speedometer for an Englishman with a German heart.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

The restriction in the engine has affected speed capabilities of Aston Martin to a certain extent.

The loss is 0,9 seconds on a segment of acceleration up to a hundred, and also the maximum limit of a sports crossover has decreased almost by 13 %.

As reported in the Chinese representative office of Aston Martin, fuel consumption is from 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers of mileage.

We should also mention the presence in the car of transverse stabilizers with electronic control, adaptive air suspension and hydrocarbon cardan shaft. The crossover will get wheels with a radius of 21 to 23 inches.

Aston Martin launched its first six-cylinder model in 22 years.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

The advantage for Chinese buyers is obvious: DBX Straight Six gets under the tax benefits (working volume of the engine M 256 — 2999 cubic centimeters), in addition, the novelty is almost 20 percent cheaper than its analogue with a 4.0-liter «biturbo-eight» M 177.

External differences of the six-cylinder version are minimal — badges Straight Six on the front fenders and other air intakes on the hood.

It is important that the power plant is moderately hybrid — additional 22 horsepower and 250 Nm can be added during acceleration by electric motor.

However, the 3.0-liter crossover is noticeably slower than the 4.0-liter: acceleration from a place up to 100 kilometers per hour takes 5.4 seconds (+ 0.9 seconds), and maximum speed dropped to 259 kilometers per hour (- 32 km/h).

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

In the history of Aston Martin there already were models with in-line «sixes» — coupes and cabriolets DB 7 were equipped with engines of similar architecture since 1994 till 1999.

Inside the six-and eight-cylinder crossovers do not differ, and DBX Straight Six has the same options and technologies as the «senior» version.

For example, 22-inch wheels are accessible for a surcharge, and adaptive shock absorbers, active antiroll bars and electronic blocking of rear differential are included into the standard equipment.

Aston Martin DBX StraghtSix 2022.

In China, the Aston Martin DBX Straight Six is priced at 1,898,000 yuan (21.69 million rubles), while the DBX V8 costs from 2,298,000 yuan (26.26 million rubles).

Next year, the lineup of Aston Martin crossovers will be supplemented with the «charged» DBX S, and in 2023, another hybrid version with the possibility of charging from the socket is expected to debut.

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