Audi A1 2021.

Audi A1 2021.

Audi A1 2021.

Audi A1 2021: a new version of the urban subcompact in the hatchback body.
In its category, the new version of Audi’s compact hatchback has the status of the smallest car.

In the new generation of the Audi A1 2021, it attracts attention with fresh solutions in body design, a modified salon interior, and advanced characteristics of the engine range.

The next restyling marked itself with the modernization of the chassis, the expansion of the functionality of the onboard electronics, including the multimedia complex and active safety systems.

According to the latest data, the new hatchback model will remain in the same price range.


In the design of the front and front side of the body, the main features of the proprietary layout have been preserved, including the rounded contours of the hood, the shape and transverse slats of the radiator lining, the configuration of the front optics units supplemented by boomerangs.


Audi A1 2021. The standard equipment of the lower front includes a compact air intake and fog lamps integrated into the side ventilation ducts.

The decor is chrome plating of the brand logo, the perimeter of the radiator grill and an expressive combination of stepped and wave reliefs.

In the photo of the new generation hatchback in the front projection, the changes are minimal. In sight:

• gentle contour of the domed roof;

• black matte perimeter and wide pillars of window trim;

• oval shape of mirrors and compact dimensions of door handles recessed into the body.

The entourage of the sidewalls is effectively complemented by a set of stepped reliefs and an interesting design of 16-inch wheels.

The rear of the body bears the recognizable details of the crossover layout. These are the spoiler lip for the steeply sloping rear glazing, the wedge-shaped contours of the multifunctional lights, the transverse profiles and the compact tailgate format.

Audi A1 2021.

A wide and massive bumper is equipped with a diagonal arrangement of a plastic body kit and a set of fog lights.

The novelty of the lineup is not focused on the requests of a specific driver’s category. Younger and older car enthusiasts will find a lot of new and interesting things in the design and characteristics of the hatchback.


The budgetary status of the new Audi A1 2021 can be seen in a limited range of finishing materials; in the presence of sufficiently high quality fabrics and artificial leather, decorated plastic and chrome plating of decorative inserts.

The front panel layout is dominated by practicality and austere functionality. The dashboard, supplemented by a computer monitor, includes two dial gauges of speed and engine rpm.

The center console features an 8-inch diagonal media-command display, horizontal deflectors, and a few technical and electronic settings consoles. Small tunnel includes:

• technical segment with transmission shift lever;

• a typical set of organizers;

• armrest, which also serves as a lid for the container for small luggage, in the top version — a spacious refrigerating chamber;

• mechanical parking brake lever.

According to the experts, the parameters of the on-board equipment contain all the functions necessary for the comfortable and safe operation of the vehicle throughout its long working life.

Audi A1 2021.

The crossover-style pilot seats with full lateral support and a standard set of services are perfectly profiled, but the impression is slightly spoiled by the rigidity of the filler.

The five-seater cabin status can be considered conditional, since there is enough space on the back sofa for two adult riders and a child.

The new body is initially focused on high levels of interior comfort, so the luggage compartment volume is only 270 liters. The problem of transporting oversized cargo is solved by partially dismantling the sofa back.


The external dimensions of the Audi A1 2021 are slightly increased to 3971 x 1906 and 1416 mm with a modified configuration of the attachments.

The layout features of the PQ25 platform have practically no effect on the length of the 2,469 mm wheelbase. The clearance height of 125 mm determines whether the hatchback belongs to the category of city cars.

The chassis includes a MacPhersonian independent suspension, a standard set of anti-roll bar, disc brakes and security systems.

• The modification for our market offers a choice of three gasoline internal combustion engines with an output of 125, 154 and 190 hp.

• The diesel range is represented by a non-alternative 1.6-liter version, developing 116 hp. The test drive showed the dynamics of reaching the first hundred (8.8 sec), nominal for the basic drive, and economical fuel consumption.

The traction characteristics of the engine range are effectively implemented by a 5-speed manual transmission or a 7-band robotic transmission. Both power trains are front-wheel drive.

Audi A1 2021.

Options and prices

In Russia, the new Audi A1 of the 2021 model year will be available in basic, intermediate and top-end, more powerful and comfortable modifications. The price of the most affordable, basic version is 1.1 million, the cost of a more powerful and comfortable model is about 400 thousand rubles higher.

Sales start in Russia

According to the latest data, the new hatchback will appear on the European and domestic markets with a difference of one and a half to two months. The release date officially confirmed by the manufacturer in Russia will be announced in the middle of the first quarter of 2021.

Competing models

In the price category from one million rubles, the new items have relatively few real competitors. Models of the same type Alfa Romeo MiTu, Kia Picanto, Citroen DS3 or Mini Cooper can claim leading positions in the list of rivals.

It should be noted that with the same performance characteristics, the cost of many competitors is significantly lower, therefore, the predicted rating indicators of the novelty are very moderate.

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