Audi A3 2021.

Audi A3 2021

Audi A3 2021.

Audi A3 2021 sedan is a new model with four doors.

Despite the global situation, the Ingolstadt-based company hastened to present the updated Audi A3 sedan — the company’s most popular model, which annually sells more than 100 thousand units in the USA alone.

Not so long ago, a similar hatch was introduced, with which the sedan has a common platform, body and interior design, but there are a couple of features.


Like its predecessor, the 2021 Audi A3 will be based on the modular MQB platform. The suspension configuration has also not changed: in front of the MacPherson system, in the rear there is a multi-link on the crossbars.

Audi A3 2021

Also, some markets will receive configurations with a semi-independent beam. The drive was originally front. A 4 × 4 connection is provided.

If we consider the technology update in more detail, then in fact the sedan received only a new engine, supplemented with a pair of electronic systems and a 48-volt on-board network. At least nothing else has been announced.

The sports suspension will be offered at a surcharge.
By the way, the new engine is worth mentioning separately. The flagship motor is nothing more than a response to competitors.

Not so long ago, the 2-Series Gran Coupe from BMW was updated, which received 228 hp, and the CLA-Class from Mercedes-Benz with 221 hp on board.

Audi’s predecessor produced only 150 hp.
Now, even in the initial configuration, customers will be able to order a sedan with a little, a lot of 240-horsepower, which will be provided by a 2-liter turbodiesel, paired with a 48-volt system.

The latter will be responsible for the Start-Stop system, add 50 Hm at the start and save about half a liter per hundred kilometers.

The rest of the motor range will also be presented. The petrol 1.5-liter version with 150 hp will remain. at 250 Hm and a 2.0-liter diesel engine for the same 150 hp, but at 360 Hm. The transmission options also remain the same.

The new model will receive a 6-speed manual and a 7-variable branded S-tronic. Whether Audi will offer a mechanic for the 240-horsepower diesel is still unknown.

In addition, engineers from Germany are planning to release a full hybrid version, although there are no details yet.

Regarding the updated list of equipment, it was mentioned at the presentation that the list of assistants was supplemented with a cross-traffic control system and a 360-view view. The adaptive cruise was also updated, which became even better to interact with navigation.

Audi A3 2021

Speaking of navigation, the A3 sedan now offers an arsenal of connectivity options. On board there is a Car-to-X service for interacting with city infrastructure, a wireless LTE module and a Wi-Fi access point.


The updated sedan did not receive cardinal changes in design, but point edits are enough not to give the new product the hallmark of pass-through restyling.

Let’s go from the start:

On the front, we have a new radiator grille, which has grown noticeably in size and received a corporate mesh with a honeycomb pattern;

New optics with «teeth». The same could already be seen at the hatch. Inside is a string of 15 LEDs. The amount of active light is controlled by the electronics (adaptive optics are already in the base);

Brand new stamped ribs and sills can be seen on the side. This was a forced decision, as the sedan added a little in length.

Also on the rear doors of the presentation model, the company nameplates were visible. Previously, they were not applied to this place.

The tailgate was slightly adjusted at the stern. It now sports a miniature spoiler, which can be ordered in fiberglass.

Also, one cannot fail to note the new pattern of wheel disks, which perfectly echoes the radiator grille and emphasizes the status of the model. With fairly modest dimensions, the radius of light alloys is 20 inches.

Audi A3 2021


The interior design of the Audi A3 could be observed in the branded hatch, so it makes no sense to dwell on design solutions.

The only thing worth mentioning is the new features that they forgot to mention at the presentation of the five-door:

the analog tidy was replaced by a 12.3-inch digital display;

multimedia received updated MMI firmware, which reacts 10 times faster than the previous one;

followed by the updated proprietary application, with which you can start the engine, open / close / block the doors.

Also, the new settings system provides for up to 6 accounts in which you can save your configurations of the position of chairs, mirrors, climate, etc.


As for the competition, in connection with the topic of adding a new, more powerful engine, you can immediately understand that Audi itself sees its rivals for its sedan in the face of the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, which were also updated at the end of 2019.

Audi A3 2021

Price and start date

At the online presentation, an Audi representative also answered questions about the launch of the model on sale.

So, the company plans to start collecting pre-orders at the end of April, and in the summer of 2020 to launch the first copies on its home market.

The next priority will be the American continent. In the Russian market, dealers expect replenishment by the end of this year.

The concern has not yet decided on the pricing policy against the backdrop of the impending crisis.

The only thing is that for the basic configuration with a 1.5-liter petrol engine, the check is declared at around 2.3 million rubles, but it is still not final.

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