Audi A5 2020.

Audi A5 2020

Audi A5 2020.

Audi A5 2020. At the Frankfurt Motor Show will present another restyling of the new model Audi A5 2020 model year. The update will include cosmetic changes to the exterior, the addition of options and some adjustments in the motor range. The car will continue to be produced in the form of a coupe, liftback and convertible, and the «charged» S versions will traditionally receive the quattro all-wheel drive system.

Audi A5 2020


For the Audi A5 2020 model year, the manufacturer prepared a fairly easy facelift, apparently not planning to invest too much in remaking capacities for the production of body parts.

And if the latest generation of A4 sedans updated almost all the exterior elements, then only new bumpers fell to the share of the sports coupe, the other increased in width and received a different design filling with a false radiator grille, as well as new optics.

By the way, now any basic configuration of the A5 2020 receives LED headlights, and as an option, you can install matrix modules or even an ultramodern laser-phosphor system for high beams.

In addition, the coupe-shaped «two-door» will receive two additional packages — advanced and S line, which will offer a number of their interesting design solutions.

Audi A5 2020


There are no surprises in the cabin, since the interior is almost completely borrowed from the new A4 with its virtual devices and a protruding central multimedia display.
The diameter of the first screen is 12.3 inches, and it will be installed in all versions, including the base. The central touchscreen is relatively small (10.1 ”), but it controls a completely new entertainment media system, including one that is ready to receive voice commands.

The interior layout of the new Audi A5 2020 is made in the usual corporate style, so even without looking at the characteristic steering wheel with an emblem and a “trim” in its lower part, it is easy to guess that you are in Audi.

At the same time, designers again managed to add sportiness to the interior due to minor touches. Laconic, horizontally elongated panel, sharp «lightning» in the door cards, a compact transmission control joystick — this situation charges in a dynamic way and clearly contributes to the enjoyment of a sporty driving style.

Audi A5 2020

Technical stuffing

The dynamics in this Audi A5 2020 are met by engines well familiar from previous versions:
2.0 TFSI, gasoline, 190 l. from.;
2.0 TFSI, gasoline, 245 l. from.;
2.0 TDI, diesel, 163 l from.;
2.0 TDI, diesel, 190 l. from.;
3.0 TDI V6, diesel, 231 liters from.

All engines, except for the “six”, are additionally equipped with a 12V starter-generator, and the same “helper”, but at 48 Volts, is provided for a 347-liter three-liter turbodiesel equipped with electrically charged. with., intended for the «charged» modification of the Audi S5 2020.

An alternative to him in this version of the coupe continues to be a turbocharged V6 gasoline engine with a volume of 3.0 liters, issuing 354 “forces”.

An equally wide selection is offered on the part of the chassis, where the budget front-wheel drive Audi A5 2020 versions are available, modifications with the quattro ultra all-wheel drive connected with the clutch and a full-fledged quattro.

As for transmissions, the manufacturer decided to completely remove all mechanical options from the line, leaving the 7-band S tronic for all versions, except for those equipped with a diesel V-shaped “six”. A new 8-speed gearbox has been developed for her.

Audi A5 2020

A bit of history

The Audi A5 model was originally conceived as a two-door coupe-like version of the Audi A4 sedan, which would be produced in a circulation sufficient to meet the needs of sports driving style devotees who were ready to receive Gran turismo cars for relatively little money.

The sales volumes of these cars today are only three times lower than the sales of ordinary sedans, which can be considered a great success, because this model immediately began to compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLK and BMW E92.

At the same time, representatives of the “four rings” company went even further by adding a five-door Sportback version to the A5 line of modifications.

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