Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022. Audi cars stand out for their elegant appearance, build quality and excellent performance.

That is why they are always in demand, even in spite of the high price tag. In all classes this manufacturer offers interesting and competitive models, and Audi A5 2022 can not be called an exception.

This car in the second generation in the F5 body is considered a direct competitor for the Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Volkswagen Arteon and Kia Stinger.

The German liftback is presented in Russia in four configurations with a price tag of 2,930,000 — 3,865,000 rubles for Base and Sport variations, respectively.

Technical Data

The car in the liftback body — Audi A5 2022, which is now available in Russia in the second generation attracts its spectacular appearance, which can be evaluated by the photo in the article.

This model is located between the legendary A4 and A6, and is essentially a transitional variant, which has not affected demand in any way.

High interest in the liftback, as well as variants in the new coupe body is due to an acceptable price, well thought-out packages, as well as impressive technical characteristics, on which we shall dwell in more detail.

Audi A5 2022.

German car is sold in Russia with three power units to choose from. We are talking specifically about the liftback, since there is a higher demand for it than for cars in coupe bodies.

Here the following units are provided:

A 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline-based hybrid with 150 horsepower and 270 N*m of torque;

A 2.0-liter hybrid with a gasoline-based engine with 190 hp and 320 N*m of torque;

2.0-liter hybrid with a more powerful gasoline unit with 249 hp and 370 N*m of torque.

As a transmission this car is equipped only with a 7-speed «robot». Weaker versions are sold in front-wheel drive version. Models with a 249-horsepower motor are sold in all-wheel drive versions.

Presented in Russia liftback with a comfortable four-seater interior has a spacious trunk of 465 liters and standard for its class dimensions. In length the model reaches 4 757 mm, width 1 843 mm, height 1 386 mm.

Wheelbase of the model is 2 824 mm, and ground clearance is 150 mm. Curb weight is 1 565 — 1 645 kg, depending on the modification.

Audi A5 2022.

German liftback features great dynamics with acceleration from 0 to 100 in 6 — 9.1 seconds and «maximum» of 223 — 250 km/h.

The car has a moderate fuel consumption. On average, 6.3 — 7.0 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers depending on the version in the combined cycle.

Gasoline AI-95 is used. According to the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere the model meets Euro-6 standard.

Options and prices

On the car market in Russia, the liftback can be chosen in one of four packages Base, Advance, Design and Sport, while the options differ more externally than in terms of technical equipment.

It is necessary to pay 2 930 000-3 865 000 rubles for such a car, depending on the version and power unit.

The Audi A5 2022 model has standard equipment, which can be expanded at the expense of «extras» for a fee.

Audi A5 2022.

The package costs between 2,930,000 and 3,500,000 rubles. The model can be chosen with any power unit.

The car is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels. The model is equipped with airbags in the front, on the sides, as well as in the curtains.

Basic equipment includes many systems responsible for traffic control and a part-size spare tire.

Another package, which is sold with any powertrain to choose from at a price of 3,115,000 to 3,685,000 rubles. It provides support of manual gearshift, lumbar support in front seats, separate armrests, electric heated steering wheel and an option to heat windshield washer jets.

All other more interesting equipment can be purchased at additional cost as «extras».

Sort of the same standard modification of the car Audi A5 2022, which equipment includes the same options as in Advance.

You can buy this model with a 2.0-liter hybrid engine with 190 and 249 «horses».

The buyer will have to pay 3,410,000 — 3,765,000 rubles for the car without «extras».

This generation has 18-inch rims and a more effective bodykit around the perimeter. Unlike previous configurations, the interior is now leather.

Another separate set of the German car, which can be bought with 190 and 249-horsepower engines. This model is sold at a price of 3,510,000 and 3,865,000 rubles.

The standard equipment of the «German» includes three-zone climate control, as well as a self-darkening interior mirror.

Most of the other options beyond the package can be installed separately for a surcharge.

Audi A5 2022.


What many people really love about Audi models is their elegant appearance and luxurious interior design.

Indeed Audi A5, this is an ultramodern car with a spectacular design, complemented by the appropriate perimeter cladding.

The appearance has turned out aggressive and sporty in some places, which is sure to guarantee attention from the outside.

If you pay attention to the interior, it is also made in the best traditions of concern Audi with practical placement of control elements and the presence of decorative components.

The interior looks rich and of high quality and at a glance does not have any flaws.

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