Audi A6L 2022.

Audi A6L 2022.

Audi A6L 2022.

Fans of German car brands are definitely familiar with the Audi A6L 2022, which recently received another update.

The first thing that attracts in this sedan is its appearance, where the streamlined body design creates an atmospheric look of the whole car.

In addition, the handling of this car is admirable, as the Goodyear F1 tires provide strong and stable grip.

These tires use automatic braking technology, which improves traction in emergency situations, which is especially noticeable during sharp turns.

According to owner reviews on the Web, Goodyear tires are very durable and can last more than 60,000 miles.

The interior style, thanks to the color combination, is warm and cozy, but not lacking in high tech.

The automatic air conditioning system is able not only to regulate the temperature inside the car, but also to save fuel consumption.

Audi A6L 2022.

The hatch in the roof of the Audi A6L is quite extensive. The interior of the car becomes very illuminated after opening it.

As for the other configurations, each has its own advantages.

The spatial characteristics of the sedan are also praiseworthy. On all rows, passengers will be seated with high comfort.

There is also plenty of space and in the luggage compartment of the car.

Audi A6L 2022.

As the transmission of the model is put 7-speed «wet» gearbox with double clutch.

Paired with the 2.0T engine it works very smoothly and smoothly. Overtaking at high speed or climbing a mountain is not a cause for concern.

In any case, this car is worthy of attention after its upgrade.

It’s rare to see a car with this look, configuration and handling.

Most of all, the exterior of this sedan attracts attention, its streamlined design and atmospheric appearance.

Audi A6L 2022.

You can endlessly admire the handling of the German, whose tires provide firm grip.

Goodyear F1 tires use automatic braking technology, which is especially important on sharp turns.

Car owners reviews indicate that the tires of Audi A6L are very durable and can run about 60 thousand kilometers.

Auto experts separately emphasize style of the interior and «cozy» color combination together with high technology of the model.

Audi A6L 2022.

The automatic air conditioning system, which not only regulates the temperature inside the car, but also saves fuel consumption, surprises pleasantly.

The wide roof hatch in the Audi A6L and comfortable space characteristics of the sedan deserve special praise.

Transmission is carried out by a 7-speed «wet» gearbox, which has a double clutch and is characterized by a well-coordinated smooth work.

Auto experts assure that today it is rare to see a car with such configuration, handling and appearance.


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