Audi Q5 2021.

Audi Q5 2021

Audi Q5 2021.

In February 2020, the network could find many photos of the camouflaged Audi Q5, which engineers experienced in different climatic zones. And so, work on the updated SUV was over, and Ingolstadt finally introduced the new SUV of 2021.

Now Q5 will delight with a new multimedia system, an updated suspension, some design changes in the engine range and, of course, the announced hybrid add-ons. But first things first.

Technical stuffing

As before, the Audi KU 5 is based on the MLB evo modular trolley, where a multi-link independent suspension is mounted on each axle. One of the primary tasks of restyling was to reduce the weight of the structure, since the “heavy move” made itself felt at high-speed bends.

Many components have been redesigned, so in essence we have a completely new suspension. As before, buyers will be able to choose between standard spring, adaptive air and sporty rigid equipment.

Audi Q5 2021

The engine range has been preserved. V6 turbodiesel, petrol- and diesel «fours» are also in service. The power range of the diesel range is represented by a gradation from 150 to 286 hp, gasoline variations are offered from 190 to 354 hp
Hybrid modification will receive two versions. No information has been provided on the second yet, and the first we will see this year.

This is a trio of a 2-liter turbodiesel, a belt starter-generator connected to a 12V on-board system and a lithium-ion battery. The latter is charged from energy recovery during braking.

For a mild hybrid, the engine has been redesigned. From the standard “four” this differs in the facilitated cardan shaft and case.

All versions have no transmission — branded 7-speed robot and all-wheel drive Quattro with the prefix “Ultra”.

It is also worth mentioning that now the Germans have installed the Dynamic Steering system, which changes the gear ratio of the steering during serious dynamic turns.

Audi Q5 2021


As before, Ingolstadt offers most of the top features only for a surcharge. In the factory version, premium equipment receives:

Rain and tire pressure sensors;
Rear parking sensors;
2-zone climate (3-zone optional);
Acoustics for 10 speakers and with connectors for USB and AUX;
Power and heated rear view mirrors;
Trunk drive;
Electrical on every door;
6-position electrically adjustable and heated front seats;
Central locking and remote control;
Glove box cooling;
4 airbags;
4 driving modes.

Passive safety systems are presented in a list of ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP, TCS and DAC. Interestingly, the 2nd generation cruise control is included. Adaptive for Q5 is still not put.

Audi Q5 2021

Body and dimensions

A smaller copy of the Q7 still demonstrates a similar silhouette with the older brother, and after it received an updated front part, finally getting rid of the chrome rim of the radiator grill.

Following this, the body kit, pattern and dimensions of the grating were corrected, and the shape of the head optics was changed. Behind a little corrected body kit and internal architecture dimensions.
The dimensions of the body remained the same.
Wheel diameters still start at 17 inches and optionally reach 20-inch alloys.

Audi Q5 2021


Inside the changes, even less. The architecture of the torpedo, the central tunnel and the profile of the seats remained unchanged. Finishing materials and colors too. All changes here came in the multimedia complex.

Rumors that the Q5 will receive a screen that was installed only in the A4 branch were confirmed. Now a 10.1-inch touchscreen «sticks out» from the torpedo by the interface of which you can notice a completely new graphics and, consequently, the operating system.

Now on board is a new version of the proprietary OS MIB 3, where navigation, information block has been fixed, the list of cooperating mobile interfaces has been expanded, etc.
You can also notice that the dashboard has changed. Now in the premium versions there flaunts a 12.3-inch «figure».

With a detailed examination of the new items, you additionally note the loss of control of the audio system, which was previously represented by the puck on the central tunnel.

Now in its place is a small pocket for small things, and Ingolstadt now offers to control the music with voice, since the new firmware includes this function. Convenient or not, we’ll see on the first test drives.


Competitors will remain the same. Although not all of them were updated this year, they did not lose their competitive zest.

Price and sales start date

Sales in Europe will start this fall. Almost 80% of all new products from the latest announcements fall to this period.
It is noteworthy that the hybrid version of the crossover will initially go on sale, and the rest of the variations will be pulled back later.

The price was also announced only for the hybrid. In the European market, Q5 will be sold at 3.77 million rubles. About indicative dates and prices for the Russian market so far there is no information.

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