Audi Q6 2023.

Audi Q6 2023.

Audi Q6 2023.

Audi showed the updated Q6 crossover for the first time.

April 18 this year, on the occasion of SAIC Audi’s anniversary in China.

The company held its first live anniversary celebration, where the redesigned large Audi Q6 2023 crossover was unveiled, followed by the announcement of the new A7L 2023 models: Wind Knight Edition and Paladin Edition. They were launched at the same time.

So, SAIC Audi introduced two new Wind Knight Edition and Paladin Edition models, for which 4 color schemes are available.

In terms of looks, compared to the previous modifications, both cars have been darkened in many areas of the body. In terms of power, the Wind Knight and Paladin versions still retain the same configuration as the available models.

They are equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit with 245 horsepower and a maximum torque of 370 N*m.

Audi Q6 2023.

The Paladin and Wind Knight, starting with the base configuration, are equipped with intelligent quattro all-wheel drive, off-car parking, B&O 3D surround sound, 20-inch wheels, panoramic 3D imaging, heated front seats and other high-end features.

In addition to the debut of the special A7L version, the long-awaited Audi Q6 was also announced for the first time.

Audi Q6 2023.

In terms of appearance, it has adopted two design styles — sporty and representative.

The radiator grille is decorated with original decorative slats, and a new design of through headlights is used for the first time in Audi models.

From the side, the body has clear edges and corners, and the waistline ends with a classic for the German brand paddle D-pillar, creating the image of a large SUV.

Audi Q6 2023.

We can say that in the whole look of the Q6 there is sports tension and fashionable temperament.

In addition, this model, for the first time in China, got the original quattro rear fender stop light and through LED lights with a richer saturation and meaning.

Audi Q6 2023.

As for dimensions, the Audi Q6 has a length of 5099 mm, a width of 2014 mm, a height of 1784 mm and a wheelbase of 2980 mm, which is almost the most massive body in its class.

The interior has a three-row layout with the ability to transform from a 6- to a 7-seat version.

In terms of power, the Q6 was the first Audi model introduced in the PRC equipped with the fourth-generation EA888 2.0T engine.

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