Audi Q8 2021.

Audi Q8 2021.

Audi Q8 2021.

2021 Audi Q8: a premium crossover with full off-road performance.
At the peak of the commercial success of the premium all-wheel drive crossover of the Q8 series, the German concern Audi has prepared a cosmetic restyling of the next version of the Audi Q8 2021.

In the new edition, the flagship of the brand’s lineup in the back of an SUV differs from its predecessor in the 2020 model in a modified appearance, a more comfortable and technologically advanced interior.

The traction and consumption characteristics of the components of the power units are left unchanged. The new model is aimed at a financially secure contingent of drivers of different age categories.


To a greater extent, the dynamic nature of the novelty is seen in the design of the front end. In sight:

Audi Q8 2021.

• black glossy perimeter and gentle angle of inclination of the windshield;

• longitudinal ribbed reliefs of the hood rounded along the front edge;

• angular configuration of compact blocks of LED head optics.

The presence of a powerful engine is indirectly indicated by the large format of the octagonal radiator grille decorated with a chrome perimeter. The sporty ambiance of the front end is complemented by the aerodynamic contours of the side diffusers, as well as the protective panel of the small-format plastic body kit.

The functions of the external decor are assigned to the recognizable brand logo, silver lamellas of the radiator cladding and details of ribbed aggressive relief.

In the photo in profile, the new body of the premium crossover confidently demonstrates:

• compact roof rails and a gentle slope of the roof extended by an aerodynamic spoiler;

• tone contrasts of chromed bezels and black beveled side glazing pillars;

• stylish mirrors and compact door handles;

• spacious wheel arches with 18-inch wheels.

Audi Q8 2021.

In the area of ​​attention are also the stepped reliefs and the decorative sill strip focused on the sidewalls and contours of the wheel arches. The complete set and layout of the stern of the crossover do not cause any special emotions. In stock:

• compact dimensions of the rear window equipped with a spoiler;

• lamps with original graphics visually connected by LED jumper;

• a tailgate, complete with a spoiler lip, branding and embossed nameplates.

The lower aft segment is equipped with a narrow bumper with a pair of fog lamps and large-caliber exhaust pipes integrated into the ends of the curly protective panel.


In line with premium status, the five-seater interior of the 2021 Audi Q8 full-size crossover provides the driver and four passengers with the maximum level of road comfort.

The finishing and decorating assortment includes several options for genuine leather, durable carbon fiber, decorative wood and metal inserts.

The interior equipment is dominated by electronic technology. Most of the command functionality is assigned to the touch buttons of the sports multifunction steering wheel and the media and information display of the powerful multimedia complex.

Audi Q8 2021.

• The front panel is completed with a digital instrument panel operating in several modes and air-ventilation deflectors.

• In the lower part of the dashboard, another touchscreen monitor is installed, which is responsible for turning on and promptly setting up the components of the onboard options.

• The tunnel starts from the technical section with the automatic power train mode switch joystick and under-blind container for small luggage.

The set also includes cup holders and an extended set of comfort-forming organizers. The design is completed by a soft armrest, which is used in parallel as a cover for the refrigerator compartment.

The base model of the crossover is equipped with well-profiled and ergonomic seats with advanced lateral support and numerous service functions.

The backseat seats provide three passengers with high quality and perfect travel comfort. The rear seats are transformed to increase boot capacity from 605 liters to an impressive 1,775 liters.


The outer dimensions, realized in proportional ratios of 4986 x 1995 and 1705 mm, indicate that it belongs to the category of full-size cars.

The new version of the crossover takes advantage of a front-wheel drive modular bogie with a longitudinal powertrain layout and fully independent multi-link suspension. Center base length — 2987 mm, ground clearance height up to 200 mm.

Audi Q8 2021.

The standard equipment for the 2021 Audi Q8 is electronically controlled adaptive shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and larger diameter disc brakes.

The engine range is represented by a three-liter version of the gasoline engine with an output of 340 hp / 50 Nm and two diesel analogues of 249 hp / 600 Nm and 286 hp / 600 Nm.

Component engines work in a productive tandem with an 8-band uncontested automatic transmission. In design features — the presence of an interaxle differential.

The test drive confirmed the starting and consumption characteristics of all power units indicated by the manufacturer.

Options and prices

The new Audi Q8 2021 model year is promised to domestic car amateurs in 45 TDI and 55 TFSI versions, each divided into four modifications.

The declared price of the base model in ruble equivalent is 5.2 million, the cost of the advanced top version is as close as possible to the price range of 5.9-6.0 million.

Sales start in Russia

The officially confirmed release date in Russia will be indicated by the manufacturer after a thorough analysis of consumer demand.

Competing models

In the category of rivals, only premium models of the world’s leading brands with a class of no less than Volvo XC90, BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE coupe are identical in cost and equipment.

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