Audi RS7 2021.

Audi RS7 2021.

Audi RS7 2021.

Audi RS7 2021: the fastest in the Audi lineup.
Not so long ago, the Audi company greatly pleased all its fans, and especially those who have a lot of money, by presenting a restyling for the fastest car in the model range — RS7 2021.

The new model has greatly increased its aggression, having acquired completely new bumpers, as well as other decorative elements in large quantities.

Also, the Audi RS7 2021 will boast a comfortable interior, which is a rarity for a sports car. And, of course, the characteristics of the car will also fall under the update, thanks to which it will become much more dynamic.


In all Audi cars, a lot of attention is paid to appearance. This car is no exception. It is in the exterior that the bulk of the changes are observed.

The new body is distinguished by completely redone bumpers, a variety of stepped relief, more formidable optics, enlarged air intakes and other interesting decorative elements.

Audi RS7 2021.

The photo shows that the appearance of the front of the car has changed the most. It retained its size, but received an even greater inclination and rounding, which has a positive effect on visibility for the driver, and on aerodynamics, and on the appearance of the car as a whole.

The hood, from which the design of the muzzle begins, boasts a bunch of thin stripes protruding outward and running along the lid.

A little below the bonnet, you can see a very aggressive head optics, for filling which, even in the basic configuration, very high-quality laser lights are used, giving excellent illumination of the road.

The center of the bumper will be set aside for a huge air intake, which takes a polygonal shape. It will be slightly recessed into the body and will receive such decorations as a large mesh painted in gloss black, the same color of the Audi brand badge, as well as a plate under the license plate.

Audi RS7 2021.

There is a lot of space allocated here for the body kit, however, almost all of its area is filled with air intakes of various shapes, which are necessary for better cooling of both the powerful engine and the front brakes. You can also observe a bunch of stepped relief here.

If the front of the car looks aggressive, then its profile part looks solid. From above, it will include a neat windowed shape that takes on an almost semicircular shape.

A thin strip painted in chrome is used to frame it, and black pseudo-stands are used to separate it into parts.

The triangular rear-view mirrors, which also have a glossy black color, stand out against the general background.

You can also see turn signal repeaters on them. The rest of the body is covered with undulating relief, protruding huge wheel arches and sporty side sills.

Audi RS7 2021.

The rear of the body has also been greatly transformed. It became even shorter, and also began to be located at a slightly lower height.

The design of the rear part of the body begins with a strongly sloping roof, which includes a window. Next is a very short trunk lid, at the end of which there is a protrusion that improves some of the performance of the car.

On the main part of the door, you can find an interesting shape for dimensional signals, which are connected to each other by a thin strip of stop signals, black glossy nameplates, as well as a bunch of relief.

A lot of space is allocated here for a slightly protruding body kit. On it you can see a glossy black diffuser, which is large and interestingly shaped, fog signals and a couple of large pipes of the exhaust system.


Despite being a sports car, the new 2021 Audi RS7 has a chic interior that is finished with genuine leather, metals, carbon fiber, Alcantara and wood. Also, a pleasant impression here is left by multimedia and seats.

All the same, the car’s dashboard is slightly turned towards the driver. On it you can find small deflectors, as well as a couple of touch monitors.

Audi RS7 2021.

Further, the tunnel already begins, which is located at an angle and consists of a small technical panel, covered with a curtain for cup holders and a large armrest with a compartment for things inside.

The car can accommodate up to five people, but four people are best. Each seat here has leather trim, excellent side support, electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, massage and other options that greatly increase the level of comfort.


Under the hood of the Audi RS7 2021 is a four-liter power unit with a capacity of 600 horsepower. Together with him, an automatic machine for eight gears works, as well as an all-wheel drive system.

As the test drive shows, the car accelerates to a hundred on the speedometer in just 3.6 seconds.

Options and prices

The price of such a car will be at least 7.5 million rubles.

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