Audi S8 2021.

Audi S8 2021..

Audi S8 2021.

2021 Audi S8: a premium sedan with a sporty accent.
The S8 executive sedan from the German brand Audi has been in production for a quarter of a century, and during this time this premium sports car is already undergoing its sixth restyling.

The representative of the fourth generation of the Ingolstadt company received a bright, recognizable appearance, which allows him not to get lost in the stream, and a very comfortable salon in which any trip will be pleasant.

In addition, the Audi S8 2021 will feature outstanding engine compartment properties that allow the car owner to feel confident in almost all driving situations.


Even from the photo of the new Audi, it will not be difficult to determine the «pedigree» of the sedan.

It is distinguished by its large size, modest but bright decorative elements, a huge number of chrome-plated details and smooth relief transitions.

The front of the new body looks solid and bright at the same time. It is set low, but at the same time it is both long and wide.

Under the noticeably tilted windshield is a massive, slightly tilted bonnet with a raised central part.

Immediately under it, you can find the branded hexagonal «smile» of a huge radiator grille, with chrome edging and lamellas, widespread over the body kit.

Audi S8 2021.

Below are the narrow long trapeziums of daring LED optics, divided into top and bottom by a thin strip of daytime running lights.

The muzzle of the Audi S8 2021 ends with a muscular sports body kit with deep hollows for foglights along the edges, as well as a stylish chrome crossbar at the bottom, which performs here both decorative and protective functions.

From the side, the new model looks very long due to the domed roof and smooth relief transitions in the middle and lower parts of the body.

Upstairs there are austere large windows in chrome edging with matt black pillars, graceful rounded mirrors flaunt in front of this figure, and a little below — circular wheel arches and noticeably protruding sills, decorated with a horizontal chrome strip.

The feed of the car looks very daring. Underneath a small, heavily sloped glass is a short boot lid with an aerodynamic strip at the top edge.

Below are the brand badge and stylish narrow LED optics, connected at the top by a thin strip.

The bumper does not differ in a large number of elements and dimensions, but on it you can find long foglights, a decorative chrome line across the entire rear, as well as four exhaust trunks connected in pairs and a protective plate at the very bottom.


The interior of the new Audi C8 2021 model year turned out to be luxurious, as befits cars of this class.

Audi S8 2021..

Among the finishing materials, you can find high-quality leather, several types of plastic, alcantara and metals.

And very comfortable seating and a modern multimedia system will help you easily overcome any distance.

Control and management bodies

The center console consists of several levels and looks very impressive. Its upper floor is occupied by a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster and oblong ventilation deflectors.

Then there is a decorative chrome strip, immediately below which is a large-format display of the entertainment complex and a small number of physical buttons to activate the most popular options.

It all ends with a climate control unit, which includes a touchscreen monitor and a small number of analog keys.

The central tunnel turned out to be wide and imposing. Closer to the driver is a technical keypad with an elegant gear selector.

Audi S8 2021..

To the right of it is a compartment for storing small things or charging gadgets, but this element ends with an armrest that opens on two sides with a cooled glove compartment.

Quite interesting in the car is the steering wheel, which is distinguished by a large diameter, a rim of medium thickness and «air» spokes, in which a large number of auxiliary buttons are hidden.

Seats and luggage compartment

In the car, as before, there are five perfectly profiled seats with very soft filling and upholstered with high-quality leather with fabric inserts.

Naturally, each seat will receive a wide range of options, ranging from lateral support, heating and precise electrical settings, to ventilation and massage function.

The trunk of the sedan can be considered the pride of the car owner. In its normal state, its volume exceeds 500 liters, and if it is necessary to transport something bulky, it can be increased to 700 liters. Moreover, the length of items transported in it can reach 1.8 meters.


For the Audi S8 2021, a 4-liter bi-turbo petrol engine with a return of 571 «horses» has been prepared.

The performance of this monster is underlined by the mild hybrid technology, which includes a 49-volt starter-generator and an additional battery to it.

Audi S8 2021.

Paired to all this is an eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as an all-wheel drive system.

As the test drive showed, a car with such a filling will be able to accelerate to «hundreds» in less than 4 seconds, and the maximum speed will be limited to a cutoff of 250 km / h.

True, a car with a ground clearance of 14 centimeters is not intended for off-road driving, and fuel consumption from 11.5 liters in the most sparing mode will not please the owner.

Options and prices

You should not expect a variety of complete sets on the domestic market. The novelty will be delivered in a single version, the price of which will be 10.8 million rubles.

Release date in Russia

The question of starting sales in Russia has already been closed, since this event took place back in the fall of 2020.


Among the main rivals of the premium sedan are the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Lexus LS, as well as the Porsche Panamera.

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