Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

The presentation of the Audi skysphere will take place in a few days.

Audi has decided to stir up the excitement ahead of the debut of its «Heavenly Sphere» with new teasers.

The previous teaser revealed the overall shape of the concept, as well as its front and back; the new images show other specific details, including part of the concept’s wheel design.

In the teaser, Audi showcases parts of the concept from different angles that reveal its intricate design.

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

These include elaborate headlights at the front and rear, as well as the red Audi logo that can presumably be seen at the back.

The car is waiting for at least the fourth level of autonomy.

The Audi skysphere is an electric roadster that can quickly transform from a sports car into an autonomous restroom. The interior is «a holistic digital ecosystem for a new car experience.»

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

The word Sphere in the names of the three concepts is a cabin that surrounds passengers like a cocoon.

Audi’s head of design, Mark Lichte, and Audi’s senior vice president, Henrik Wenders, have previously detailed the inspiration behind the Skysphere concept.

They said it takes inspiration from the Horch 853A, especially the long bonnet and smoothly sculpted rear.

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

Of course, there is hardly anything under the hood, as the skysphere is expected to be an electric vehicle.

However, Audi wants the Skysphere to be an attractive driver’s car capable of autonomous driving.

Skysphere is still a show car, which means that its serial counterpart may take a different form.

It is part of a three-way concept, along with the Grand Sphere liftback and the Urban Sphere crossover, Audi’s attempt to «reinvent mobility as we know it today.»

Audi Skysphere Concept 2022.

The Grand Sphere was previously announced as a chic electric GT — the novelty will be shown in September at the IAA in Munich.

Urban Sphere arrives in 2022 — while teasers hint at an SUV.

Audi will unveil the Skysphere on August 10, 2021 at the Four Rings Design Center in Malibu, California.

An Audi design center was recently built there and will host the digital Celebration of Progress.

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