Audi TT 2021.

Audi TT 2021.

Audi TT 2021.

Audi TT 2021: compact mid-range sports car.
For the youth driving segment, the premium sports car Audi TT 2021 is a testament to material wealth and success in life.

This is one of many reasons for the steady popularity of this model.

The new version of the sports car in a «two-seater coupe» body offers potential buyers a number of original layout and fresh design solutions, a salon interior corresponding to the status and dynamic speed characteristics.


The last restyling of the Audi TT model 2021 evolved in several directions at once. In particular, the exterior design received creative changes. In the photo in the front view, the two-door effectively demonstrates:

• panoramic windshield configuration;

• ribbed dynamic profiles of the hood sides;

• futuristic design of LED optics blocks;

• racing format hexagonal radiator grille and side ventilation diffusers.

Audi TT 2021.

The decorative function is performed by the chrome plating of the logo and the narrow frame of the radiator grille, as well as the combination of various details of the body relief. A compact plastic body kit completes the front end layout.

The sports car Audi TT 2021 looks no less stylish and expressive from the side view. In sight: the slope of the domed roof, which is characteristic of a coupe, black trim and wedge-shaped side two-section windows, elegant mirrors, strict geometry of the doorway.

Attention is also drawn to the paired set of longitudinal reliefs, the protruding outer contours of the wheel arches and the stylish petal design of 19-inch wheels.

The sports car initially forms a positive visual perception with aerodynamic contours and compact body dimensions, low sports ground clearance, and the presence of aggressive styling elements in the exterior.

The list of structural features of the stern includes a gentle slope of a large-format window, exclusive graphics of multifunctional lights, a decorative spoiler and transverse reliefs of a small-format tailgate. In the construction of the bumper there is a figured plastic body kit with two chrome exhaust pipes.

The body decor is represented by corporate symbols, silver nameplates and expressive reliefs characteristic of high-speed cars.

Audi TT 2021.


The decoration of the two-seater saloon strikes the imagination with premium quality and installation of finishes, functionality of technical and electronic equipment, carefully thought-out ergonomics of seats.

• Three-spoke configuration of the sports steering wheel with blocks of command buttons provides an excellent overview of the virtual-digital instrument cluster, turbine-type ventilation and heating vents are decorated in the corporate style.

• Activation of some of the on-board options is assigned to a small-sized console with analog switches.

• Richer equipment for the central tunnel. Available: a technical segment with a joystick for shifting the transmission, a washer for adjusting travel modes, a premium set of organizers and a comfortable armrest.

The new generation sports car is equipped with technical equipment modified in a number of parameters, corresponding to the premium level of entertainment and functional electronics.

The cabin has crossover seats with pronounced lateral support and a standard set of adjustments. The top version will receive bucket-type sports seats with more developed relief and special integrated head restraints.

The new body provides the ability to transport cargo in the luggage compartment with a total volume of up to 305 liters. In a compact floor recess there is an on-board tool, a sealant bottle and a tire inflation compressor.

Audi TT 2021.


The outer dimensions of the Audi TT 2021 coupe in proportional ratios of 4191 x 1832 and 1376 mm are copied from the previous version without significant changes. The chassis features a 2505 mm center base and a sporty 130 mm high ground clearance.

The new model of the sports car has received a universal modular bogie MQB, with a transverse engine arrangement, combined MacPherson and link suspension, passive long-travel shock absorbers and anti-roll bars.

Audi TT 2021.

A set of disc brakes and the latest travel safety systems are used in the chassis design. The proposed list of engines contains only gasoline analogues.

• The basic version is a turbocharged two-liter inline-four with 197 hp / 320 Nm peak thrust output, working in effective tandem with an automatic front-wheel drive S tronic transmission.

• The top version is equipped with a forced version, with an output of 245 hp / 370 Nm, which is accompanied by a classic 7-speed manual or four-wheel drive robotic transmission.

The test drive showed the time of dialing the first hundred in the range of 5.2-6.6 seconds, a maximum speed of 250 km / h limited by electronic blocking and a variable fuel consumption of up to 7.3 liters.

Options and prices

Next year, the new Audi TT 2021 model year will be available in base and top versions. The preliminary price of this version of the sports car in the equivalent of domestic currency is 2.7 million rubles.


In the sports car category, the list of real competitors is relatively small. These are models of the same type from world brands: Bentley Continental GT, Jaguar XK & XKR, BMW Z4, Porsche 911 Carrera GTS and Audi RS5, as well as their extreme modifications.

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