Audi Urbansphere 2022.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

The new Audi Urbansphere 2022 crossover van is partially revealed a week before the full presentation.

Audi has already shown two of its forward-looking concept cars that demonstrate the future design direction of the German brand’s individual vehicle segments.

Now a third concept car is on its way, which will make its debut on April 19, 2022 — the Audi Urbansphere.

A few days ago, a teaser image of the novelty appeared on the web, published on Audi’s official channel, and today the teaser campaign continued with an additional short video illustrating this article.

So, on the last, presented teaser you can briefly get acquainted with the front and rear parts of the new car, which, apparently, will be positioned as a minivan of the future.

It will have the so called butterfly doors and at least two rows of seats in the cabin.

It will be a really modern concept that heralds the future of Audi electric cars, and the main emphasis in it will be made on interior comfort for passengers.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

For the first time this concept was announced last summer, and then the manufacturer described the novelty as a car with «private space in an urban environment.»

Putting together all the teasers published until today, it becomes obvious that this car will be not just a minivan, but something in between a minivan and a crossover, that is, a crossover van.

And it’s not surprising, because crossovers have been very popular among motorists in recent years, but the popularity of minivans is also growing, especially in China.

And this market, by the way, is the highest priority for electric cars.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

Anyway, the novelty will combine features of Audi Grandsphere and Skysphere and, most likely, it will have completely electric powertrain, and also technology of autonomous driving which the company pays the most attention to.

Recall that the concept was originally supposed to be presented at the Beijing Motor Show 2022, but Audi was forced to switch to online presentation because of the growing pandemic again.

Audi is preparing its first-ever minivan. For now, only as a concept car.

Despite the postponement of the auto show in Beijing for an indefinite period due to another outbreak of coronavirus in China, automakers have not cancelled plans to present new models.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

One of the April premieres that was supposed to take place at the show in Celestial will be a new concept car from Audi’s «spherical» family.

The novelty will be unusual for the brand by its form factor in a minivan body — until the futuristic Audi Urbansphere the brand did not have anything like that.

The automaker has announced a lineup of three electric concept cars in 2021: the Skysphere, Grandsphere, and Urbansphere.

The first two models are already presented to the public. Behind a name Skysphere the luxury roadster, referring to historical Horch 853, but equipped with future technologies like sliding body.

After this model, a four-door coupe Grandsphere has been shown, which in the long term can become the successor of Audi A8 in the brand’s lineup.

Audi Urbansphere 2022.

As for the Urbansphere, in case of serial production, it will become the first minivan in the brand’s history.

Judging by published teasers, the car will be styled like the other two «spherical» concept cars, and also will have a spacious interior with rich equipment.

It is possible that in the foreseeable future, the concept car could become a production electric car at least for Chinese market, where premium minivans are popular.

The Audi Urbansphere will premiere on April 19 as part of a separate brand event.


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