Aurus Komendant 2023.

Aurus Komendant 2023.

Aurus Komendant 2023.

Aurus Komendant luxury crossover: first official photos and premiere date.

The new model of the Russian luxury brand will be revealed in late September.

It is assumed that the SUV will share the technique with the co-branded sedan Senat.

Prototype crossover Aurus Komendant lit up back in 2019, a year later the network posted patent images of the SUV, and the fall of 2021 in the database of Rosstandart appeared.

Approval of the type of vehicle (OTTS). Finally, the premiere date of mass production of the cross-country vehicle was announced.

Commandant, which should become the most mass model of the Russian luxury brand, will be presented on September 29.

In addition the official teasers have been published, and among them there is the first image of the interior of the crossover.

Recall that at the core of all Aurus (the range still includes a sedan Senat and minivan Arsenal, but the MPV is not on sale) is based on a Single Modular Platform (SMP).

Aurus Komendant 2023.

According to the certificate, Komendant has five-seater interior. The length of the crossover is 5380 mm, width — 2004 mm, height — 1820 mm, wheelbase — 3100 mm.

Thus, in its dimensions Russian SUV close to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Cadillac Escalade, while the length and wheelbase Komendant yielded related sedan Aurus Senat (5630 and 3300 mm, respectively).

Aurus Komendant 2023.

Ground clearance of the cross is still unknown (the Senate has 200 mm).

Technically permissible maximum mass of the SUV — 3495 kg, curb weight — 3235 kg.

Last year’s TSA says that towing a trailer is not provided, but the field «Purpose» says that this is «a special vehicle to protect the life and health of the driver and passengers», plus the column «Body Type» has a note «prepared for armor installation».

Aurus Komendant 2023.

Externally, the crossover echoes the other models of the brand, the main «chip» — a huge grille a la Rolls-Royce. Inside the SUV, apparently, in many respects repeated sedan Aurus Senat.

In the certificate for new items declared knee airbag driver, electric door closers, folding tables, all-around vision camera and a set of security systems (ADAS).

According to the OTTS, the tech is the same as the other Aurus. Komendant crossover has a hybrid setup, it is equipped with gasoline NAMI-4123 V8 4.4 engine with two turbochargers (598 hp and 880 Nm), and a synchronous electric motor (peak output — 63 hp, rated power — 38 hp) is built into the nine-speed «automatic» KATE.

Aurus Komendant 2023.

Cross is also equipped with lithium-ion battery Enertech with capacity of 16 A*h. Drive — all-wheel drive.

We want to mention once again that the OTCS was issued last year, so the final characteristics we’ll learn after the presentation (do not forget about sanctions).

Production of the crossover will be launched in Elabuga, where they make other models of the brand. No word on prices yet.

Meanwhile, the official website of Aurus does not have a price list for the Senat sedan. At one of the capital’s dealers the price of the Senat starts at about 39,000,000 rubles.


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