Aurus Senat 2023.

Aurus Senat 2023.

Aurus Senat 2023.

According to Russian motorists, the premium domestic sedan Aurus Senat 2023, to become more popular, could get an additional «charged» version by analogy with the Bentley Flying Spur.

Renderers depicting the sports modification of the model on the eve were published by the domestic designer in the Network.

According to the author of digital photos, sporty Senat would differ from the standard version due to larger wheels, additional body decoration and bright color shades.

The technical part of the «hot» sedan could also undergo changes.

In particular, the developer could install air suspension and electromechanical stabilizers.

Changes in the brake system, which should get a reinforcement, are not excluded.

To match the sports status, Aurus could be equipped with improved seats with more side support and stitching.

You can expect an updated dashboard and pedal pads made of aluminum.

On the front panel also can not be ruled out the addition of decorative carbon elements.

Aurus Senat 2023.

Regarding the power parameters of the sports modification of the sedan, the author of the renders does not say anything.

Most likely no changes should be expected here as the actual version has a modern enough 4.4-liter hybrid motor.

Aurus Senat 2023.

Its parameter of productivity makes 598 horsepowers, and the work of the unit is supplemented with an automatic transmission with 9 speeds and all-wheel drive mechanism.

In such performance sedan accelerates to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. There is no need to expect that for the production of a special modification the manufacturer will go to the creation of a separate power unit.

Aurus Senat 2023.

Today the production capacity of the plant combined with Sollers is estimated at five thousand cars per year.

But this does not mean that Aurus will make Senates in such a volume. By the end of the current year it is planned to assemble only 200-300 marketable cars.

Aurus Senat 2023.

Much more bets the company makes on the SUV Komendant, the production of which should start in 2022.

And even with it, the production volume will directly depend on demand.


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