Bentley Azure 2022.

Bentley Azure 2022.

Bentley Azure 2022.

Bentley offered a special version of Azure for five models at once: it is designed to combat stress and tension.

Bentley has launched a special Azure range for five of its models, including the Bentayga, Flying Spur and Continental GT.

This version helps the driver and passengers get maximum relaxation on the ride, as well as excellent technical equipment.

By the way, the British brand collaborated with psychologists and neurologists to develop the Azure.

This means that the company had a plan to combat stress in its customers.

Thus, the Azure finish is focused on maximum relaxation during the trip.

The first model to get this version was the Bentley Bentayga EWB.

The car received 22-inch wheels with a new design, a chrome grille and a few more innovations.

Bentley Azure 2022.

Flying Spur Azure to all this received a panoramic sunroof, which can be opened, while the model Continental GT has it fixed.

Inside the cars real luxury reigns. Soft-colored emblems appeared everywhere.

The interior trim is made of leather and some other premium materials.

All colors are soothing, because the company’s designers consulted with neurologists when developing the interior.

Wood elements are added to all this, and there are so many options to choose from.

All seats are adjustable, heated, massage and ventilated.

Bentley Azure 2022.

They come with very comfortable headrests. There are also some systems added that minimize discomfort on the ride.

There are features that fully assist the driver when driving as well as provide safety.

So far, the brand has not named prices for the Azure package, but they will definitely be higher than for the standard models. Most likely, this specification will not be the most expensive.

The Azure series will be the opposite of the «charged» Speed modifications.

Bentley is launching a new Azure lineup that will encompass all of the brand’s current models — the Continental GT coupe, Continental GT Convertible, Flying Spur sedan, Bentayga crossover and its elongated EWB version.

Bentley Azure 2022.

The special Azure series will be the opposite of the «charged» Speed versions and is intended for those who prefer comfort and safety to speed and sporty driving.

The name Azure was previously used by Bentley for a four-seat convertible which ran from 1995 to 2003 with a 6.7-litre V8 engine.

Two generations of the model were produced and just over 1,400 of these convertibles were assembled.

Now the Azure brand name was revived for a line of ultracomfortable cars.

The special series is announced for all models. Its main feature will be increased comfort for both driver and passengers: the seats have the maximum number of adjustments, the interior is made in calm colors, and traditional materials are used in the finishing.

Bentley Azure 2022.

Azure Range cars can be distinguished by 22-inch wheels and overlays on the sills, and the belonging to a special line can be indicated by appropriate labels and logos on the backs of the seats.

Technical highlights include a suspension with active suspension stabilisers and suspension tuning for a relaxed, comfortable ride.

All five Bentley Azure models are available to order.

In Russia, cars do not deliver Bentley officially — the European Union has imposed sanctions, which include a ban on the import of luxury goods into the country, including cars more expensive 50 thousand euros.

Yes, and Volkswagen itself, which owns Bentley, announced a freeze on the supply of cars on the Russian market.

However, Bentley was among the brands falling under the parallel import, so that car has a chance to be in Russia.

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