Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020 — updated lineup with a motor from Porsche.
An update to the Continental GT line has been asking for a long time, and finally, the developers have introduced a new premium car — the GT V8 coupe.

Start of sales and price

The car premiered recently, but it already reported the exact release dates. Initially, the car is more focused on the American market, on it the GT V8 Coupe will appear in September-October this year. The holding also plans to take a leading position in other regions, but the release in Europe, Russia and China will take place a little later — in January-February 2020.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

The exact price of the 2019 GT V8 Coupe, unfortunately, was not announced, but the engineers said that the novelty would cost motorists cheaper than a brother with a power unit W12. Estimated cost — 90 thousand dollars for the basic package.

Power indicators

What coupe that convertible are equipped with a V8 engine with four liters and eight cylinders. Engineers said that they completely redid the scheme of the device and intend to equip the whole family with a new power unit. The engine was taken from Volkswagen, which has already been widely used in many cars from Porsche.

The turbocharged engine produces a maximum power of 550 horsepower and 775 Nm. The engine is assisted by an eight-speed robotic gearbox that is capable of transmitting traction to each wheel (all-wheel drive car).

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

The main difference between a coupe with a V8 engine and W12 power plants is in the exhaust system (several twin-branch pipes).
The vehicle will accelerate to 100 km per hour in just 3.9 seconds, at a maximum speed of 319 km per hour. In comparison, the standard version of the Continental GT has 635 horsepower and acceleration in 3.6 seconds takes up to 100 km per hour, the maximum possible speed is 334 km per hour.

The Continental GT V8 Coupe 2019-2020 model year can not be called the most dynamic model in the lineup. Their main advantage is a reduced indicator in fuel consumption. In this, the developers decided to be like representatives of the Grand Tourismo. The driver of the GT V8 Coupe with a full tank can travel up to 807 km, without additional stops for refueling.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.


The front of the car stands out due to the powerful hood and curved lines, which are not characteristic of many premium models. A radiator grill with a large mesh and a new arrangement of air intakes, which are located closer to the center of the grill, was added.

The headlights were slightly rounded, having the shape of an almost perfect oval. Of course, the latest generation LEDs are responsible for the lighting. In general, the car in front looks a bit sloping, affected by the engine from Porsche. Apparently, the hood of the GT V8 is taken from the same Porsche. The entire front of the car is lined with chrome to increase strength.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

The body kit on the Continental GT V8 Coupe looks interesting, which also has a large number of air holes. At the rear, the car has changed even more, immediately a strong slope catches your eye, because of which the transition is almost not noticeable.
In the exterior of the rear, a undulating relief prevails. The bumper is decorated with an elegant chrome strip that runs along the entire length of the rear of the car.

The Continental GT V8 Coupe offers the owner, upon purchase, standard 20-inch wheels and forged wheels with ten spokes. When buying a coupe in the official salon, the owner will be able to choose the wheels from nine available, the diagonal is from 20 to 22 inches.


Inside the Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe is not much different from other versions of the Continental coupe or convertible.
For the convenience of users, a lot of personalization elements have been added that will help create your own unique style for any driver. Multifunctional steering wheel, adjustable front seats in two modes and additional adjustment, depending on the size of the driver.

Trim deserves special attention. The number of options for colors and shades is simply impressive, the choice of inserts made of wood or plastic — all this will pleasantly surprise the owner. When buying, you can order the upholstery of the seats in one or more colors and colors, also applies to all other interior elements.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe 2020.

Of the functional elements there is all the necessary equipment that will help the driver while driving. Convenient location of the dashboard, which is made in a minimalist style, but at the same time has all the necessary elements. Headlights with LED Matrix support.

Pneumatics adaptive suspension equipped with three cameras. The 650-watt latest-generation audio system, exclusive to the Bentley, consists of 10 speakers.
The 12.3-inch display is responsible for the control.

As a result

The developers of the 2019 Continental GT V8 Coupe decided to slightly reduce the power of the car in the direction of its economy. This affected the cost of the vehicle.
In general, the coupe is a worthy representative of the line with an interesting and unusual appearance, as for Bentley.


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