BMW 1 series 2023.

BMW 1 series 2023.

BMW 1 series 2023.

The updated cheapest BMW 1-Series 2023 has been declassified by photo shortly before its official debut.

BMW 1-Series is one of the few models of the German company, which has not received proper commercial success, contrary to expectations of the manufacturer.

This played a role in such a quick update of the car, which is due to debut next year.

Now Munich workers are working so that this facelift will increase sales of the compact, and to achieve this it will be possible mainly due to a little «lightened» appearance.

Foreign independent designer tried to show how the model could look after the update.

We should note that the time of commercial life of BMW 1-Series has been reduced from 7 to 5 years, and therefore we will be able to see the new generation of compact in the middle of this decade.

But while fans of the brand should be satisfied only with small cosmetic changes that designers and engineers from Munich prepared.

It will not be superfluous to say that the low level of sales of the «Odnerka» in Europe, in no small measure was influenced by the fact that the market was introduced with a compact family van BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Judging by the presented rendering, after the update the compact will get a slightly modified front end with an increased grille, «sharper» headlights and modified LED pattern of the headlights.

BMW 1 series 2023.

At the rear of the car should also get a modified bumper and a couple of new lights.

But the exterior is not the only thing BMW is working on, as rumors say the new model will receive improved safety systems, as well as an updated multimedia system.

At the same time, again from the words of foreign media, the company decided not to change the dashboard, to a completely new dual display, but it probably will happen with the change of generation.

The engine lineup should also undergo some slight modifications and here we’re expecting refinement of the three-cylinder engines in terms of efficiency, and also a 2.0-liter hybrid motor, electrified via a 48-volt starter generator, could appear in the range.

When will the model appear? According to the brand, BMW 1-Series 2023 will be on sale in the first months of next year, so expect it to debut at the end of this year.

According to preliminary data, the Bavarian company will present «refreshed» compact model in the middle of fall 2022.

BMW 1 series 2023.

The German manufacturer began production of BMW 1 series in 2004, for the last time the model had time to change a few times.

The five-door hatchback of the current third generation has been on sale in Europe since 2019. According to the Carsalesbase website, during the «covid» 2020 dealers sold 107,870 «units» on the Old World market (3.7% less than a year earlier).

Last year, sales declined even more: from January to November 2021, customers bought 92,191 units (4.2% less than a year earlier). (4.2% less than during the first 11 months of the previous year).

Now the time has come to «refresh» the five-door hatchback: development of the updated BMW 1 Series is already underway.

According to a Spanish publication, the debut is scheduled for mid-autumn 2022, and live sales will start in the first months of next year.

According to the website, the Bavarians have decided to reduce the commercial life cycle of the «one» from seven to five years, which means that the company will present a new generation by the middle of this decade.

BMW 1 series 2023.

There is no official information about how the «refreshed» compact car will look yet.

And thus, artists have a possibility to offer their variant of possible appearance of a novelty to the judgment of readers.

Thus, the designer has offered his own vision of the exterior of the updated «five-door» which, probably, will be shown already this year.

Judging by the rendering, it is expected that during the update the model will receive different headlights: the headlights will have a «sharper» shape and different «stuffing», as well as revised brand radiator grille in the form of large «nostrils».

There are no images of the stern, but it is assumed that the models will redesign the lights and rear bumper.

It is likely that BMW 1 Series will be equipped with new driver aides and safety systems, in addition, it is expected to update the infotainment system.

BMW 1 series 2023.

Presumably, the model will keep its current digital dashboard, and a new minimalistic display will appear in the model during the next generation.

According to preliminary data, BMW will «refresh» the engine range of the 1 series hatchback.

Presumably the three-cylinder engines are waiting for modernization, in addition, the publication noted that the 2.0-liter gasoline engine will enter mild hybrid setup (will work in tandem with the 48-volt electric).

Recall that other models of the Bavarian brand is also preparing for the update, so, recently we published a rendering of the «freshened» crossover BMW X6. This model is likely to be restyled in 2023.

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