BMW 2 Series 2022.

BMW 2 серии 2022.

BMW 2 Series 2022.

BMW 2 Series 2022. The new brand style of BMW is not necessarily a vertically stretched nostrils.

This time, the creators experimented not with nostrils but with the shape of headlights (both front and rear) and bumpers.

However, the title photo shows the car with M-body, and the base version (white car on the pictures) is a little quieter.

This is the new BMW second series coupe. It is declared that designers tried to play with the look of legendary two-door BMW 1602 of the sixties.

Has it worked? Thus, LED headlights are already «in base», and matrix optics is offered for extra charge.

Nostrils also with a twist: their vertical slats can be closed like blinds, if electronics considers that the cooling system works in a standard mode and its efficiency is enough.

The new coupe has nothing in common with a four-door Gran Coupe of the second series.

The sedan of the F44 family is built on the front-wheel drive platform UKL2 with the transverse arrangement of the engine, but the naughty G42 coupe has the classical layout with almost ideal axle weighing!

But the G2 was transferred to the chassis of the older, fourth series, which although shortened, but remained quite large. Therefore the junior coupe is not so small now.

The length of the «two» increased by 105 mm compared with its predecessor (up to 4537 mm).

BMW 2 серии 2022.

Width was increased by 64 mm (1838 mm), and wheelbase — by 51 mm (2741 mm). The height is now 28 mm less (1390 mm).

But still the new D2 is comparable to the E90 generation of the third series coupe! Together with the size the track grew — in the base version by 54 mm in front and 31 mm behind.

Torsional rigidity of the body increased by 12%, and the developers did a great job on aerodynamics: the front axle lift was halved.

The interior has become more spacious, but designed without any revelations. As well as at other modern BMWs, there is a compact climate control panel (it is now three-zoned already in base configuration) and the push-button control unit of exterior light.

BMW 2 серии 2022.

The initial configuration is analog instruments and OS7 media system with 8.8 inch screen.

For a surcharge — virtual instruments (12.3 inches) and increased to 10.25 inches multimedia display, and now you can order a projection screen.

Sports front seats are included in the basic equipment. The rear row is strictly two-seat, but the folding backrest is divided in the proportion 40:20:40.

The area of the optional panoramic roof is increased by 20%. The volume of the trunk has not changed (390 liters), but the loading height is reduced by 35 mm.

While only four modifications are announced, all equipped with an eight-speed «automatic»: manual transmission is not available.

BMW 2 серии 2022.

The entry-level BMW 220i Coupe has a petrol turbo four 2.0 (184 hp), and the 230i version has the engine boosted to 245 hp. There is also a diesel version BMW 220d (2,0 l, 190 hp) with a 48-volt starter generator: the engine produces 11 hp, works within the system start-stop and helps in the first seconds of acceleration.

All four-cylinder twins have only rear-wheel drive for now. The standard suspension is with amplitude-dependent dampers, the optional M-chassis is with adaptive electronically controlled dampers.

At the top of the range is BMW M240i xDrive all-wheel-drive coupe with inline six-cylinder engine.

The three-liter unit produces 374 hp and 500 Nm — 34 more than the previous model, although the torque is the same.

This two-door has a locking rear differential (as an option it is also available for BMW 230i) and acceleration to 100 km/h takes 4.3 seconds against 4.4 seconds of the previous model.

BMW 2 серии 2022.

The top speed is traditionally limited to 250 km/h.

Later, the range of modifications will be expanded, although a convertible of the new second series is no longer planned.

And also it is curious that the new «two» G42 will be produced not in Germany as the outgoing generation, but in Mexico — at the BMW plant in San Luis Potosi, which opened in 2019 and now produces only the third series sedans for the American market.

Sales of the new second-series coupe are scheduled to start in early 2022.

ADDITIONAL: The «two» will also appear in Russia, but only in two modifications, and prices have already been announced.

BMW 220d with rear-wheel drive costs from 3 million 370 thousand rubles, and BMW M240i xDrive all-wheel drive coupe — from 4 million 590 thousand rubles.

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