BMW 3-Series 2022.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

BMW 3-Series 2022. The stylish sedan is still considered a cult car and is often found on public roads in Russia.

This car was first introduced back in March 1998 as a sedan and a station wagon, and since then the car is considered a real legend.

Over time, the model has undergone a noticeable transformation and improved technically. Now you can find on sale only sedans in the seventh generation in the body G20.

In this version, the car is a worthy competitor to Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volvo S60 and Lexus IS.

A large number of variations of the model with a price tag from 2,910,000 to 5,400,000 rubles for the SE and M Special generation respectively is on sale in Russia.

Technical Specifications BMW 3-Series 2022.

In order to evaluate the car BMW 3 2022 to the full, it will not be enough to consider the configuration and prices.

In this case, it is definitely worth highlighting the technical characteristics of the model in the new body, the more so that they vary significantly depending on the modification and the chosen powertrain.

In addition, it is also worth paying attention to the appearance of the sedan, which turned out to be very interesting and memorable (to evaluate the design of the car will be possible according to the photo attached to the article).

Russian motorists this German model is available with several powertrain options.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

Depending on the powertrain and the type of drive, the car will spend on average 4.6 — 7.7 liters of fuel (diesel or gasoline AI-95) per 100 kilometers.

The fuel tank holds 59 liters of fuel, which provides a good range. The model in petrol generation conforms to Euro-6 (with turbodiesels — Euro-5).

The «German» has good dynamics with acceleration from a place up to a hundred in 4.4 — 8.3 seconds. «Maximum speed, depending on the version, is limited from 224 to 250 km/h.

The model presented on the Russian market has standard dimensions. The length of the sedan reaches 4 709 mm, width 1 827 mm, height 1 435 mm.

Clearance «German» — 145 mm, and the wheelbase — 2 851 mm five-seater sedan received a spacious interior with plenty of space, both front and rear.

The luggage compartment holds 480 liters. Curb weight of the model is 1 565 — 1 615 kg.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

Options and prices

At the moment, fans of the Bavarian brand can buy a BMW 3 2022 sedan on the Russian market for 2,910,000 — 5,400,000 rubles.

The car is sold in generations: SE, Base, Sport Line, M Sport Pure, M Sport Pro, Dark Shadow SE, M Special.

It is noteworthy that as the price increases, the equipment of the car does not change so significantly, for the simple reason that the bulk of the options are available at extra cost, both in the base, and in the top modifications.

Since the generations are very similar to each other, it is worth considering the most affordable and the most expensive variations.

In variations SE sedan is sold only with the weakest gasoline and diesel units at 156 and 150 hp respectively (only rear-wheel drive). Estimated such a car in dealerships in 2,910,000 and 2,990,000 rubles, respectively.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

The BMW 3 2022 sedan is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. The model is distinguished by the absence of an improved decorative dodger around the perimeter of the body.

The equipment includes numerous safety systems. Inside, there are airbags in the front, on the sides, as well as in the curtains

M Special
The most expensive complete set which is sold with 3,0-liter petrol and diesel turbo engines, and also with a system of a full drive xDrive.

Potential buyers will have to pay 5,400,000 and 4,920,000 rubles for this model, respectively.

Sedan equipment includes such options as: start-stop system, 19-inch wheels, laser headlights, electric trunk, projection display, digital «dashboard» with 12.3-inch screen, leather interior, sport seats, electric front seats, electric heated steering wheel, keyless access, front and rear parking radars, acoustic system with 12 speakers, self-darkening cabin mirror.

BMW 3-Series 2022.

More rich equipment is available at additional costs associated with the purchase of «extras».

As befits modern models of the brand BMW, the «three» turned out stylish, spectacular and for the most part aggressive. At a glance the car charges some confidence and aspiration for dynamics.

Evaluating the body perimeter, it is difficult to highlight any shortcomings.

The model as a whole seems perfect, however, because of its excessive aggression often repulses motorists who prefer more elegant and pacified cars.

Interior of the «German» looks as simple and recognizable as possible. Inside it is made expensive and with taste.

Elements of the decor successfully combine with the standard layout. There is nothing unnecessary in the cabin to distract attention from the road.

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