BMW 3 series 2025.

BMW 3 series 2025.

BMW 3 series 2025.

The BMW 3 series next generation: the range will be around 700 km.

The model is expected to have a new platform, the internal «working» name of which is NK1. The electric sedan is likely to be introduced in 2025.

In the Old World market, BMW car sales have been stable in recent years, with the most notable increase (10.6%) being in 2015.

Well, the decline, not surprisingly, was in the «covid» 2020, when dealers sold 673,724 cars of the brand, 18.3% less than the year before.

The brand is on the «plus» side in 2021, with customers buying 469,067 units on the Old World market from January through August (up 14.2 percent from the first eight months of last year).

Production of the current-generation BMW 3 Series (G20) was established at the end of 2018.

Last year, dealers of the Bavarian brand in Europe sold 118,369 cars, which is 5% less than a year earlier.

This year the indicators of the model have grown: in January-August the car sold 84,282 copies, which is 15.4% more than during the first eight months of 2020.

BMW 3 series 2025.

Note that in the relatively near future (it is possible that by the end of this year) the company will present an updated version of 3 series.

The «refreshed» sedan will be based on the same CLAR platform, on which the actual version of the car with an internal combustion engine.

In turn, the BMW 3 series next generation will have a completely different platform.

According to the British edition Autocar, the future sedan will be based on a new «bogie» Neue Klasse, its «working» name — NK1.

BMW 3 series 2025.

It is designed for electric cars: it is assumed that the «stuffing» of the new generation will be exclusively «green». The official premiere is expected to take place in 2025.

It is assumed that the novelty will have a longer wheelbase and shorter front and rear overhangs.

In order to reduce weight, BMW is likely to use aluminum, as well as a frame construction of the body, which is partially created with the use of carbon fiber.

BMW 3 series 2025.

This will reduce some of the weight gain that traditionally comes from the traction batteries.

Also, another platform will provide a flat floor, so the interior will be more spacious (compared to the current «conventional» model).

Presumably the interior of the future BMW 3 series will get interior trim, created from recycled materials, as in the concept car i Vision Circular (it was presented at the Munich Motor Show last month).

BMW 3 series 2025.

It is assumed that the base version of the next-generation electric sedan will be equipped with a single electric motor located on the rear axle, and the top version xDrive will have a twin-engine setup (one engine on each axis).

Battery capacity is not disclosed yet, but according to the publication, the maximum range on a single charge of the 3 series of the new generation will be about 700 km. It is possible that such a car will have a «charged» version M.

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