BMW 4-Series 2020.

BMW 4-Series 2020

BMW 4-Series 2020.

The 2020 BMW 4-Series is a revolutionary all-wheel drive sedan in a completely new look.
BMW 4 Series 2020 resembles its predecessor only by the presence of a company logo. The Bavarian concern has completely redesigned the car body.

Even the branded radiator grill, divided into 2 sections, is presented in a completely different form. Perhaps it is precisely such original design refinements that will help the Bavarian model to become a leader against the background of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A5.

This will help and 4 turbocharged engines, one of which runs on a diesel engine, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The list of equipment available for the new 4-Series sedan, as well as other models of the Bavarian brand: touchscreen, electric front seats, 6 airbags and so on. For a surcharge, this list can be expanded with security systems, a sports body kit and a virtual instrument panel.

BMW 4-Series 2020...

Options and prices

BMW 4 Series 2020 was released in a completely new body, because of which this model is difficult to take for a representative of the Bavarian brand. The differences between the presented and previous versions of the sedan are so noticeable that even in the photo to find something in common between them is quite difficult. However, while significant changes in the trim levels and car prices should not be expected. The same goes for the previously available technical specifications of the Bavarian model. At least this applies to the Russian market.

The new version of the BMW 4-Series, in fact, is presented in one configuration. At the same time, 5 modifications are immediately available to the car:

420i for 2.69 million rubles;
420i xDrive with all-wheel drive for 2.83 million rubles;
420d xDrive with four-wheel drive and a turbodiesel for 2.89 million rubles;
430i xDrive with all-wheel drive for 3.18 million rubles;
440i xDrive with all-wheel drive for 3.73 million rubles.

Between these modifications there is no significant difference in the list of equipment.

BMW 4-Series 2020

The standard Bavarian model is equipped with:

self-supporting tires with 18-inch wheels;
braking energy recovery systems and start / stop;
fully LED lighting technology;
electric exterior mirrors, complemented by heating and turn signal indicators;
photosensitive headlights;
multimedia complex with a joystick control, 6.5-inch touchscreen and 9 speakers;
dual-zone air conditioning;
rear parking sensor;
standard safety systems (slip warning, ESP, ABS and so on).

By default, the BMW 4 Series 2020 is equipped with a leather multi-function steering wheel with vertical and reach adjustments, a motor start button, seats with combined trim (leather is optional with the exception of version 420d) and heated front seats.

The list of additional equipment includes:

sports suspension;
paddle «petals»;
8.8-inch screen in place of the dashboard;
electric tailgate with contactless opening function;
glazing with UV protection;
adjustable sunroof;
projection display;
power front seats with electric drive (by default come with versions 430i and 440i) and settings memory;
all-round cameras;
parking camera (offered separately from the rest);
navigation system.

The optional package also includes systems for assisting with driving on a slope and parking, collision avoidance with the function of stopping the car, adaptive road lighting, recognizing pedestrians at night, monitoring objects in “blind” zones, keeping them in a lane and at a constant speed. For an additional fee is also available front parking sensors. By default, the BMW 4-Series is equipped with six airbags in all versions.

The top versions of the 430i and 440i also differ in that adaptive cruise control comes with them. Externally, the Bavarian sedan in both versions stands out due to the proprietary aerodynamic body kit. A diesel modification provides a button through which you can set the maximum speed.

BMW 4-Series 2020.


The basis of the 2020 BMW 4-Series is the same CLAR modular platform on which the «older» models are based. Together with the Bavarian sedan comes a fully independent suspension, which is complemented by sports settings that allow you to change the level of stiffness of shock absorbers. At the same time, the BMW 4-Series comes with a switch of driving modes, through which you can choose the optimal settings from a wide range.

The Bavarian sedan in all versions is equipped with turbocharged engines and an 8-speed automatic transmission. As standard, a 2-liter engine with digital valve control and monitoring systems is available to the car. This unit produces no more than 184 hp. net power and 270 N * m of torque. The BMW 4-Series in this performance picks up the first 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds, consuming about 5.5 liters of fuel. Installing all-wheel drive leads to the fact that both indicators increase to 8.1 seconds and 5.9 liters, respectively.

In a more expensive modification, a 2-liter diesel engine is found. Its maximum return is brought to 190 hp, thrust — up to 400 N * m. Complete with it, the sedan gives out the first 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds and consumes 4.8 liters of fuel.

In the M-versions, under the hood of the BMW 4-Series is the same 2-liter turbo engine, the power of which is increased to 249 hp, torque — up to 360 N * m.

Together with it, the car develops 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds and consumes an average of 5.9 liters of gasoline. The maximum version of the BMW 4-Series provides a 3-liter engine with a recoil reaching 326 hp and a traction of 450 N * m.

This motor provides acceleration to «hundreds» in 5 seconds with an average fuel consumption of 7.1 liters.

BMW 4-Series 2020..


The 2020 BMW 4-Series has transformed dramatically. So, the car acquired a completely new grille, which has significantly increased in size. The head optics of the sedan became noticeably narrower, but retained recognizable architecture.

In the front bumper, complemented by a hint of a splitter from the bottom, there are expanded side air intakes. The hood of the Bavarian model is crossed by two pronounced stampings.

No less changed and feed. There are a high spoiler protruding above the tailgate, and a huge bumper with two wide exhaust pipes and a plastic insert that simulates a diffuser.

Rear optics also become narrower. She stretched along the bottom of the protrusion present above the trunk door.
Changes in the interior of the German model are less noticeable. All seats, door cards and the front panel, as before, are trimmed with genuine leather.

On the transmission tunnel, decorated with wooden inserts with a varnished surface, there are standard gearshift lever and a large mode washer.

The remaining elements of the cabin (audio and climate control units, dashboard, touchscreen) are practically unchanged.

Time to market

The updated version of the BMW 4-Series should go on public sale during 2020 (it is expected that this will happen in the first months). Around the same period, the Bavarian model will come to Russia.

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