BMW 530d G30 2021.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

The car from the new generation has changed a lot and became similar to the model from the 7 series.

Nice appearance, high quality of parts and systems, excellent modern functions allow you to buy this car and be satisfied. The design was greatly influenced by the predecessors, which formed the backbone of the new model. What are the other features and characteristics of this car?

general information

Karim Habib came up with the look of the new BMW 5 Series. He said that he wanted to create a sporty, stylish and mature car and he did it.

The size of the car has increased in comparison with its predecessors. Now the car has received a modern, beautiful and sporty look.

The overhangs of the BMW 530d XDrive G30 are shorter and the contours convey the impression of a fast car. Feedback from owners of the BMW 530d XDrive G30 shows that the styling and selected details look very impressive and allow owners to choose this particular model faster.

None of them found any serious flaws in the car body. The corners of the LED headlights here go all the way to the radiator grille.

The taillights, on the other hand, have the familiar L-shaped graphics, which have become even longer and now take up more space on the rear panel.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

BMW’s running lights have been around for a long time, but here they first became hexagonal after the long reign of the round shape.

Key Features

Aerodynamic drag decreased by 10 percent. This was facilitated not only by the beautiful streamlined shape, but also by the control of the radiator flaps.

The Power Kit of the BMW G30 530d shows that in case of need for improved cooling, you can open the flaps that are closed at any other time and they will provide unnecessary aerodynamics.

The classic grille helps to do this. Front bumper air intakes and lateral air vents help reduce wheel arch turbulence and get the right air flow.

A car with the M Sport package has air intakes, aerodynamic linings, exhaust tips, unique rims. The review reveals that other packages have received a shiny material that adds a lot of weight to the body. Now these overlays have been replaced with black minimalistic ones.

The chassis of the BMW 530d G30 M Sport Package is similar to that of the 7 Series. Pneumatic suspensions are absent here.

All-wheel drive has been realized thanks to a multi-disc clutch on the front axle. The wheelbase has also increased here, and the track has grown noticeably and now only works to help.

There is no carbon fiber in the body of this model, which can be called both a positive and a negative feature.

The roof, side frames, rear bodywork are made of high strength steel. The rest of the parts, such as the hood, trunk and lid, roof, engine mounts, side members on the rear body, are made of aluminum.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

Reviews BMW 530d G30 ppk show that the brackets that are made for the front panel are especially strong, they are made of cast magnesium.

The processed laser on the door and the outside cladding together with the buttonholes have a very low weight of 6 kilograms. Each new passenger almost does not do without a clap when closing the doors due to their lightness.


This time, there are a lot of surprises in the cabin, the new car received very high quality and beautiful lining materials.

The metallic silver has disappeared here, it is missing on the steering wheel and on the climate control.

The black color gives them a classic look and looks presentable. Plastic and leather are of high quality, in the cabin, all parts are selected precisely and do not have gaps or backlashes that grumble while driving.

The gesture control system is a little slow. Of course, you can control the multimedia system without this function, but still the feature is a little unfinished.

Voice commands and touching the huge screen also make it easy to switch between the songs you want, so this is not a major issue.

The monitor is beautiful here. Version 3.0 has an ionized system and air aromatization for climate control.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

The hinge suspension is available in six colors, and the audio speakers are also pleasantly illuminated during operation.

The seats here are comfortable and large, they help to accommodate even tall or oversized people, do not interfere with the front and rear row of passengers.


It’s time to take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the BMW 530d G30. The BMW 530d G30 engine has a turbocharged diesel engine.

He inherited the usual row and received six cylinders. Its 3-liter capacity and 249 horsepower help to cope with all requirements.

Chip tuning BMW 530d G30 makes it possible to increase power by 50-60 horsepower using additional elements.

BMW 530d G30 2021.

The maximum torque here is 620 N * m. The box is installed automatic with 8 steps. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is made in just 5.4 seconds, which is a pretty solid indicator.

The maximum torque here is 620 N * m. The box is installed automatic with 8 steps.

Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is made in just 5.4 seconds, which is a pretty solid indicator.

The maximum recorded speed here reaches 250 kilometers per hour.

Fuel consumption will be 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers under normal conditions. As a curb weight, an indicator of 1695 kilograms was obtained.

The vehicle is 4.936 meters long, 1.868 meters wide and 1.479 meters high.

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