BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021: new design and hybrid superstructures.
The refreshed 2021 BMW 6-Series GT hatchback debuted on the same day as the restyled BMW 5-Series G30. The «six» of the Gran Turismo series received a volume of external and internal modifications similar to the «five», but at the same time did not undergo such a strong electrification.

For example, the new product was deprived of plug-in hybrid versions, but it acquired a 48-volt starter-generator, which will be installed on all petrol and diesel modifications.

The assembly of production copies of the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo will begin in Germany in July 2020, and the cars will appear in dealerships towards the end of summer. On the Russian market, the model will be presented in four variations:

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

• BMW 630i GT (2.0 liters, 249 hp, 400 Nm) — the price is 4,290,000 rubles;

• BMW 620d GT xDrive (2.0 liters, 190 HP, 400 Nm) — 4,340,000 rubles;

• BMW 630d GT xDrive (3.0 liters, 249 hp, 620 Nm) — 4,850,000 rubles;

• BMW 640i GT xDrive (3.0 liters, 340 hp, 450 Nm) — 4,880,000 rubles.

The basic 249-strong version of the 630i is offered at a price of 4,290,000 rubles, that is, it has risen in price by 130,000 rubles. The top diesel modification of the BMW 640d GT xDrive, which cost at least 5,160,000 rubles before restyling, will no longer be sold in Russia.

Dimensions and design

The elegant coupe-like hatchback BMW 6 was transformed according to the patterns of the younger model of the fifth series. The front headlights, grille and bumper architecture have changed.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

The lights got slightly different graphics at the back. Laser high beam is available as an option, while matrix headlights with adaptive function are fitted as standard.

Another update brought the «six» fresh options for 18-20 size wheels. Well, seven additional shades were included in the body color palette:

Phytonic Blue, Piedmont Red, Bernina Gray Amber, Portimao Blue, Dravite Gray, Tanzanite Blue and Alvit Gray. The last three colors are included in the BMW Individual package.

The external dimensions and proportions of the body of the BMW 6 Series remain the same. With a wheelbase of 3,070 mm, the car has an impressive length of 5,091 mm.

Width and height are 1902 and 1538 mm, respectively. The profile of the model is characterized by a long bonnet line and a roof dome drawn as far back as possible.

The hatchback’s sporty character is underlined by an active spoiler that automatically extends when the vehicle reaches a speed of 120 km / h.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.


The main metamorphoses inside are the appearance of a new multifunction steering wheel with an optimized button layout, a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and an improved media center with a 10.25 or 12.3-inch screen.

As standard, the interior is trimmed with Dakota leather in one of three colors, but other upholstery options are offered for a surcharge: Nappa or Merino leather.

Options for the new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo include four-zone climate control, LED interior lighting, 1400-watt Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround speakers, panoramic sunroof, motorized shutters, Ambient Air package.

Rear seat passengers can look forward to a separate infotainment system with two 10.25-inch touchscreen displays, a Blu-ray player and a pair of USB ports. The set of electronic assistants added a system for maintaining the lane and the function of automatic braking on city roads.

BMW 6-Series GT 2021.

The hatchback trunk with all the seats occupied can accommodate up to 600 liters of cargo. In the presence of an electric tailgate with a function of comfort access, which allows you to open and close the fifth door without using hands.

The 40:20:40 split folding rear seats increase the loading space to a maximum of 1,800 liters.

Specifications of the 2021 BMW 6-Series GT

The new BMW 6 Series will enter the European market in seven versions. The simplest petrol version of the 630i with rear-wheel drive is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine with a return of 258 hp. and 400 Nm.

Then there are two versions 640i and 640i xDrive with a 3.0-liter turbo unit that develops 333 hp. and 450 Nm.

Diesel modifications are represented by the initial BMW 620d (190 HP and 400 Nm), more powerful five-door BMW 630d and 630d xDrive (286 HP and 650 Nm), as well as the top-variant BMW 640d xDrive (340 HP) . and 700 Nm).

Without exception, all «six» in Europe are equipped with an auxiliary 48-volt starter-generator with a capacity of 11 hp. and an upgraded 8-speed «automatic» Steptronic. The latter has been improved and now shifts gears even faster.

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