BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

The new BMW i Vision Circular 2022 concept, made 30% out of garbage.

Unlike Daimler that saved a whole bunch of premieres for the Munich IAA, BMW Concern has declassified its main novelties beforehand — BMW iX and BMW i4 to be presented to the market soon.

But one debutant car on the stand was still there — the BMW i Vision Circular concept, the announcement of which was made with such an unusual picture.

On the whole this show car is called to show us what will be the compact BMW city electric car in 2040. A kind of BMW i3, which has changed three or four generations.

The single-volume body is about four meters long and accommodates four passengers.

The side door flaps open in different directions, and you can even guess the Hofmeister curve in the shape of the rear windows.

The family ‘nostrils’ extend the full width of the car and accommodate integrated diode lighting.

But the concept’s mission is a bit wider. It is based on the principle of «material recycling» in the world, that is, with extensive use of recycled materials.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

Already now 30% of parts are made literally from garbage, including aluminum body panels and plastics in the cabin, and in the near future this share can be increased up to 50%.

And, no less importantly, the design allows for recycling of materials. For example, the traction battery can already be 100% recyclable.

There are a number of parts that are reused without recycling.

For example, the headlights in the rear of the cabin are pucks of the system iDrive, which, according to the idea, will be taken from the used BMW iX crossovers.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

And the quantity of «superfluous» details is reduced to save of raw materials.

Even logos BMW on a body are made engraved, and instead of a heap of separate buttons on the front panel, one big touch screen is installed. Instruments are projected on the windshield.

The developer refused even to paint the car for environmental reasons.

Debuted today, the BMW i Vision Circular should give a glimpse of the small electric car of 2040. As the name Circular implies, it’s primarily about the circular economy.

In other words, the Bavarians have designed a car that can be 100% recyclable (including the solid-state battery) or recyclable.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

In terms of design, the concept is an evolution of BMW’s signature style: the shape of the grille remains the same, while it is literally dotted with unique diode strips.

The windshield and roof form a single glass, which visually increases the length of the electric car. At the rear, a light strip that extends from edge to edge attracts attention.

The body of recycled aluminum was not painted for environmental purposes, but anodized as bronze. The rear is made of recycled steel, its color is the result of heat treatment.

The front passengers seem to float in the air due to the special lounge chairs with «thin leg» attachment. Combined with the lack of a central console, it creates the feeling of a very spacious interior.

BMW i Vision Circular 2022.

However, more attention is drawn to the «light interactive ensemble» in the center of the torpedo, which, by the way, is made by 3D-printing.

The developers call it «the brain of the electric car» with all ensuing consequences.

In other words, it is possible to operate all functions of the car through a triangular screen and adjust it for oneself.

The BMW i Vision Circular concept itself has no further prospects.

But many of its proposed solutions for saving materials will be used in electric cars of the so-called «New Class» that BMW is preparing by 2025.

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