BMW i8 2021.

BMW i8 2021.

BMW i8 2021.

The BMW i8 Hybrid: the embodiment of the future.
This roadster stands out significantly from its peers. The Bavarians decided to give their fans a glimpse into the future and launched a model with an innovative technical component on the market.

The i8 was the embodiment of the brand’s advanced developments and made a small revolution in the automotive industry around the world.

Why is this coupe so interesting?

The BMW i8 was presented as a concept prototype in 2009 in Frankfurt, while it did not reach mass production until four years later. The audiences were impressed by the bold design as well as the outstanding technical characteristics of the Bavarian roadster.

The engineers designed the carbon fiber monocoque, and it is bolted to the chassis. The chassis itself is fundamentally new — Drive. It also created another BMW electric car — the i3.

The batteries are hidden inside a power ridge that connects two aluminum subframes. The front suspension is double-wishbone, while the rear axle suspension is multi-link.

BMW i8 2021.

As for the power plant, it is worth noting that the BMW i8 is a hybrid sports car.
The power circuit consists of:

— Petrol engine (B38) 1.5 liters with turbocharging and three cylinders. Power is equal to 231 horsepower. It is aggregated by a six-speed automatic transmission (Aisin), which implements engine thrust through the rear wheels.

— Electrical installations with an output of 96 kW. It drives the wheels of the front axle. Mates to a two-stage gearbox to improve driving efficiency at high speeds.

In total, the hybrid is capable of producing 362 «horses». At the same time, the declared fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 4 liters.

BMW i8 2021.

User opinion

The Bavarian electric car has earned flattering reviews from its owners. It pleases not only its excellent dynamics, but also rich configurations, a high level of driving comfort. At the same time, operation in harsh climatic conditions is fraught with low reliability and fast battery discharge, which is the main disadvantage of the model.

The manufacturer promises to eliminate all the shortcomings of the BMW i8 by releasing an updated version.

Market value

The price in Russia for a Bavarian sports car is different. It depends on the year of production and the actual condition of a particular instance.

BMW i8 2021.


The Bavarian coupe can rightfully be called one of the most futuristic in its segment in terms of design. From the total mass, the BMW i8 stands out with a low roof with smooth curves, wide wheel arches, an expressive body kit, and large 20-inch rims. Also worth noting are fully LED headlights, a large hood air intake, doors that swing upwards.


The salon contrasts somewhat with the spectacular appearance — it is decorated in a sporty, but quite ordinary way. Only the liquid crystal instrument cluster can attract attention.

Depending on the selected driving mode, an indication of the battery charge or a tachometer, as well as a speedometer in the form of a running diagram, can be projected onto the display. The backlight can also be different — blue or red.

The center console blends seamlessly with the tunnel. It contains an automatic transmission selector, climate control, a multimedia complex screen. The latter displays navigation, camera views, chassis settings and power plant operating modes.

The front seats have a bucket configuration, but they cannot be called sporty due to the unexpressed lateral support. Even a child cannot fit in the second row gallery. The back sofa is suitable, perhaps, for a travel bag.

BMW i8 2021.

On the run

The power plant strikes with an avalanche thrust from the very first meters of movement. The car accelerates aggressively, without any failures. However, the lack of a pronounced pick-up somewhat cools the degree of the driver’s emotions.

However, the situation is somewhat corrected by the automatic transmission with six gears, which works super fast and smoothly.

The steering is informative and moderately responsive — the steering wheel is devoid of nervous reactions. At the same time, understeer is almost neutral. This allows you to move comfortably in urban environments and, if desired, enjoy driving.

However, when cornering, the rolls are noticeable.
The short travel suspension is very energy intensive, but not tightly clamped.

The test drive revealed a good ride on small bumps, as well as the absence of strong jolts on large bumps. Thus, the BMW i8 creates all the prerequisites for comfortable long-distance travel.

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