BMW iX 2022.

BMW iX 2022.

BMW iX 2022.

BMW iX 2022: BMW’s innovative electric crossover.
BMW has unveiled a new electric crossover with a drive on both axles BMW iX 2022. The model, which has grown from the Vision iNext concept, is positioned as a technological flagship of the brand. It combines all the latest Bavarian expertise in electrification, autonomous driving and communications.

Recycled materials are widely used for interior trim, and the use of rare earth elements is practically excluded in technology.

The newcomer BMW still has the status of a pre-production car, which will still be refined on the way to the assembly line, because full-fledged production of cars will begin only in the second half of 2021.

The assembly of electric cars will be established at the plant in Dingolfing. European sales will start approximately until the end of 2021. The Russian office of BMW has already announced that the model will definitely enter our market, but no specific dates have been specified.

The new iX will probably reach us in early 2022.

Architecture and body design

The “i-x” is based on a new platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. The crossover combines the functionality of the BMW X5 with the dynamic lines of the BMW X6.

BMW iX 2022.

The manufacturer did not indicate the dimensions, but noted that the length and width of the new BMW iX is comparable to the «X-fifth». The wheelbase is exactly 3000 mm.

Outwardly, the novelty largely repeats the original iNext show car, and therefore looks a little futuristic. The body panels are characterized by a clear structure of lines and surfaces.

The design of the nose section makes it impossible to doubt that it is BMW in front of us — belonging to the Bavarian brand is given out by the branded radiator grill with intergrown vertical nostrils.

The headlights, in turn, are made in the form of narrow blocks with double strokes of the running lights along the upper edge. Optics are either conventional LED or matrix with laser modules.

The three-dimensional front grille is not only decorative, but also functional. It is made dull, since the electric drive does not need strong cooling by counter air currents.

But on the other hand, cameras and radars are built here, which ensure the operation of the autopilot. Other distinctive features of the exterior of the BMW iX 2022 are blue inserts (a sign of an electric car), frameless side windows, recessed door handles, rectangular contours of the fenders (the wheel arches themselves are round) and a black «belt» along the lower perimeter of the body.

BMW iX 2022.


The interior of the crossover is full of extraordinary solutions. For example, there is no central tunnel, and a separate two-level armrest box is placed between the front seats. Above is a platform with the main controls for on-board functionality — the engine start button, the transmission selector and the iDrive controller.

The lower tier of the console houses cup holders, a compartment for wireless charging of smartphones and USB ports.

The front panel is made in a minimalist style and is completely devoid of physical switches. Infotainment functions are handled by a one-piece curved display that integrates the screens of the digital instrument cluster (12.3 inches) and the main media center (14.9 inches).

The data is displayed in an optimized format so that the driver receives only the information he needs at the moment.

BMW iX 2022.

Even in the cabin of the new BMW iX, attention is drawn to the hexagonal steering wheel, a large panoramic roof with electrochromic glass and front seats with integrated head restraints.

The decoration is also interesting — the door cards and seats are decorated with a diagonal pattern with asymmetric stitching. Several two-tone combinations are available based on Sensatec fabric and leather.

The chairs are equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions. Well, especially discerning audiophiles may require the integration of additional speakers into the seat frame.

Specifications BMW iX 2022

The new BMW electric crossover has been assigned a fifth-generation eDrive power plant. It includes two motors (one per axle) with a total power of more than 503 hp. Such recoil is enough for the car to be able to leave within five seconds when accelerating from standstill to 100 km / h.

BMW iX 2022.

The traction battery of the IX is located under the floor. The declared capacity of 100 kW * h allows you to overcome up to 600 km without recharging in the WLTP cycle.

The fastest battery energy is replenished by a high-speed terminal with a capacity of 200 kW — when connected to it, the capacity is restored from 10 to 80% in just 40 minutes.

At the same time, in the first 10 minutes, the mileage increases by 120 km. The 11 kW Wallbox recharges the battery in about 11 hours. Detailed technical specifications for the BMW iX will appear closer to the launch of the model.

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