BMW iX1 2023.

BMW iX1 2023.

BMW iX1 2023.

As it was announced a few days ago, the premiere of the new BMW iX1 2023 has taken place.

At the initial stage, the crossover will appear in dealer centers in Europe.

At the moment there is no information about which markets the car will be sent in the future.

Although it is already known that it will not appear in the U.S.. There is no data about the cost.

But technical characteristics, equipment and design of the model have been disclosed.

The new BMW iX1 crossover with a powerful engine and long range is officially unveiled.

BMW has presented a new entry-level electric crossover iX1.

Externally the car turned out to be almost a full copy of a similar model, but equipped with an internal combustion engine.

In fact, the difference between them is that the BMW iX1 2023 is complemented by contrasting blue inserts that adorn the body.

BMW iX1 2023.

The Bavarian novelty is also sporty in appearance, but is matched with standard head and rear optics and a branded grille.

Inside, there is a billowing and curved screen, combining a digital instrument cluster and touchscreen monitor.

BMW placed near the protruding armrest a custom panel for charging phones: gadgets here are installed vertically, for which a special mount is provided.

By default, the Bavarian novelty has all-wheel drive, realized by installing two electric motors.

Their total output reaches 313 hp and tractive torque reaches 494 N*m.

BMW iX1 2023.

A crossover with such equipment can accelerate to a «hundred» in 5.7 seconds and develop up to 180 km/h.

Both engines are powered by a 64.7-kilowatt battery, located under the cab.

The battery supports fast charging technology, providing replenishment of 10% to 80% of energy in 29 minutes.

The Bavarian novelty has a combined range of 413-438 km, depending on the nature of management, which is a good indicator for a vehicle of the same class.

BMW has not yet disclosed the full price list for the new iX1.

BMW iX1 2023.

But it is likely that the crossover, as well as its counterpart with an internal combustion engine, will be equipped with an expanded set of driving assistants, including pedestrian and cyclist detection systems.

If we talk about the appearance of the BMW iX1, there are several very interesting differences from the standard variant.

First of all, here it is worth noting the decorative inserts in the area of the side air intakes and the bottom of the doors, made in bright blue.

BMW iX1 2023.

A similar decor is present on the stern, as well as in the frame of the radiator grille.

The rest is characterized by a recognizable design style — the signature «nostrils» of the grille, the muscular body and the stylish optics.

But the interior has an obvious resemblance to the «fuel» variant of the cross.

Here we should mention not only the quality trimming materials, but also the equipment.

The central console has a dual monitor of the dashboard and infotainment system, several deflectors of the air conditioning system and multifunction steering wheel.

The car is available with BMW iDrive 8 technology, which is used in most modern models.

In Europe, sales of the novelty will start in October of this year, but prices have not yet been disclosed.

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