BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen: pre-production version.

In addition to conventional electric cars, the BMW i division will also produce hydrogen cars.

The company is engaged in research and development in this area for several decades, but such BMWs have never appeared on the market.

The first commercial model will be a hydrogen crossover BMW X5. Such show car BMW i Hydrogen Next was presented two years ago, and the pre-production version called BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be shown at the upcoming IAA in Munich.

And the car will not only be shown at the stand: it will also be possible to test-drive it for everyone who wishes!

BMW iX5 Hydrogen differs from standard «X-five» with bumpers, unusual grilles in «nostrils» and also original wheels with diameter of 22 inches that have reduced aerodynamic drag.

The crossover is shod in special Pirelli tires with low rolling resistance.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

The interior remains untouched, except for the unobtrusive blue décor and inscriptions.

The hydrogen power plant is arranged in the same way as in other similar cars of today.

In the center tunnel and under the rear sofa is a pair of composite cylinders that hold six kilograms of hydrogen at 700 bar.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

The fuel cells are supplied by Toyota, with whom BMW has cooperated in the field of hydrogen since 2013.

The chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen from the air produces electricity on board. The power of the electrochemical generator is 170 hp.

The rest of the electrical equipment is of its own production and is unified with the BMW iX and i4 electric cars.

The only traction motor is mounted on the rear axle and has a peak output of 374 hp.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

However, it can develop it only briefly and only if the charge of the buffer traction battery allows.

After the battery runs out, the electric motor output will not exceed the capacity of the electrochemical generator, i.e. 170 hp.

The capacity of the traction battery has not yet been reported.

BMW iX5 Hydrogen 2021.

The hydrogen crossovers were only tested last June, so there are still many months of fine-tuning ahead.

The small-scale production of BMW iX5 Hydrogen should start only at the end of 2022.

And it is not excluded that the original X5 will have already been restyled by this time, so the production hydrogen crossover will look different.

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